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NFF gets criticism for a cup position: – Work on its left

CUP-KYSS: Ohi Omoijuanfo with Stabaek supporters behind him after his first round of the cup from Ullern and Stabaek in 2018. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk

The Scottish Football Association must criticize the roots after the first tour of the Cup.

– Further work needs to be carried out in the planning process. This is important for the division 3 and 4 clubs, and then it must be truly taken. NFF need to know about geographic conditions, and would like to communicate with his own circles, which say the head of the Stavanger IL club, Øyvind Jacobsen, is to VG.

He understands that it is difficult to arrange the first tour in the cup, but he describes the work of NFF as "work on the left with someone who is not slow", despite his failure and not. he is not unhappy with his own team: Brodd- Egersund.

– He is very tired, he says.

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The NFF has some criteria which ensure a fair and equitable situation. Better teams need to play away, you try to establish local settlements, you want to limit travel distance and avoid the same towns year after year.

– Whether it is getting too much. If three teams from divisions are lower from Romerike, then NFF someone chooses who will get an income of around 500,000 by meeting Lillestrøm, said Jacobsen, who suggests that people in the country can join t divided into five categories in one and one clean.

– Then you find out that no one gets the same country festival, and for example Rosenborg and Ranheim are meeting the first visit, it is pointed out.

Brown buses were running through

On social media, local staff and experts have been enforcing. He responds to Bergsøy (4th division) and the Aalesund meeting in the first round, just as last year. In Sørlandet, some people say Donn and Start do not have a dream meeting at the old Kristiansand Park.

ÅRVOLL-ENGA: The decision comes with his team in every place. Here from 1 visit in the Årvoll- Vålerenga cup (0–8) last year. Photo: Pedersen, Terje / NTB scanpix

'1. a tour of the cup includes festivals, souvenirs and engagements? Start and Donn are good neighbors, and here the two groups hope to meet at the Kristiansand Stad. He didn't go, for some reason, ”he writes TV football expert 2 and former player Jesper Mathisen on Twitter.

He has received the following answer from NFF:

“To get a mix, we try to avoid settlements that have been in the last three years. It is not always going, but that's the start. Donn and Start met in 2016 ».

"Special Ariel! I mean that Fram and Start met in the second round of the cup a few years ago. Was it also in 2016? Perhaps, that is enough," replied a man who was not very good at Mathisen.

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The trainer's son hopes his father will lose work

– There are six teams from Agder, and so we could easily get three local settlements. Why should you travel to Larvik to meet Fram, while we get Notodden here? I thought it was the party. 1 May is the day and we can meet Start on their old course. That framework disappears, saying Donn's coach, Rolf-Martin Skonhoft.

He does not want the first meeting to get Start, but he thinks the Agder club should have the action.

A department director match and an event in NFF, Rune Pedersen, saying that VG is the starting point for teams at the lowest level to come up with better teams. It is a priority, and then the society has to take on some geographical issues.

– Sometimes we lose, but we spend a lot of time trying to confirm the situation. In some areas there will be a number of teams who think they should meet elite teams, but we need to trade. There have always been conversations about the situation, and it is the first time that people are most concerned about it. We are aware that there are a number of areas where people could make alternatives, and so there are many clubs who report that much of that care is well cared for, said Pedersen.

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Rosenborg – conducting an evaluation of himself

These teams meet:

Kvik Halden – Lokomotiv Oslo
Sparta Sarpsborg – Fredrikstad
Kråkerøy – Grorud
Sprint-Jeløy – Sarpsborg 08
Follo – Bærum
Nordstrand – YMCA
Oppsal – Ullern
Lyn – Moss
Heming – Stabaek
Done – split
Gjelleråsen – Lillestrøm
Skjetten – Lørenskog
Eidsvold Turn – Frigg
Ottestad – HamKam
Toten – Raufoss
Gjøvik-Lyn – Ull / Kisa
Faaberg – Vålerenga (played in May 2) t
Nybergsund – Kongsvinger
Brumunddal – Elverum
Hønefoss – Mjøndalen
The side of the mountain – Kjelsås
Vestfossen – Asker
Eagle Horten – Pors
FK Tønsberg – Sandefjord
Flint – Strømsgodset
Forward – Start
Storm – Odd (played in May 2) t
Brown – Notodden
Fløy – Jerv
Vindbjart – Arendal
Frøyland – Viking (played in May 2)
Ålgård – Bryne
Love – Egersund
Sed sun – sunshine
Madla – Sandnes Ulf
Åkra – Haugesund
Vard Haugesund – Vidar
Frøya – Nest-Sotra
Fyllingsdalen – Fana
Arna-Bjørnar – Fire
Candlelight – Sotra
Bergen North – Åsane
Fjøra – Florø
Stryn – Sogndal
Bergsøy – Aalesund
Herd – Kristiansund
Spjelkavik – Brattvåg
Inside and Around – Molde
Hit – Hello
Sunndal – Byåsen
NTNUI – Nardo
Kolstad – Ranheim
Safe / Charged – Tiller
Verdal – Stjordals-Blink
Rørvik – Rosenborg
Steinkjer – Levanger
Åga – Bodo / Glimt
Junk – The stream
Melbo – Mjølner
Skjervøy – Tromsdalen
Bardufoss / Skånland * – Harstad
Fløya – Senja
Porsanger – Alta
Norild – Tromsø

* Bardufoss and Skånland meet for coaches on Friday 12 April

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