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Norway has been searching for an Air travel partner – Norwegian Air Shuttle – Stock Exchange and Finance

After Norway announced in April last year that a & # 39; The company was considering selling up to 140 aircraft, it also revealed that a & # 39; The company was working to get a joint venture, so that Norway could bring several planes to a joint venture of a partner company.

A company would enter a prior year agreement. New, but it did not happen. However, they have found a partner:

– We have progress in the process and have signed a letter of mind by a strong Asian company, CFO Geir Karlsen said in Norway in the Thursday showcase.

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Airbus back

There is talk about a mental letter and a final agreement is not yet signed.

The CFO did not hide that the Airbus aircraft maker had declined on his / her; process. Norway has major orders with the European maker and American Boeing.

– There is a three-dimensional debate with Norway, the company and aircraft said the plane, especially Airbus, Karlsen and added that they could also include Boeing planes as part of the agreement.

– As the discussions have gone on, we have finished with that, in particular, with Airbus, we have finished talking about our entire book of order. So, this has taken longer than we, and, indeed, ask you, follow it with the finance director.

Just why Airbus has been crucial in order to make changes to the order, Karlsen did not specify it, but could probably be related to terms in Norwegian order that it is Norwegian and it is not another company that needs the route.

"Now all of our three parties are around the same conversation board, but we are all able to say about the joint venture process," added Karlsen.

– When we have delivered, we can do what we want to make their plane

Karlsen does not want to tell who the Asian player is and who explains why the process has taken time:

– I do not want to say that Airbus is standing on its hind legs, but it is the responsibility of a maker until you want to sell an aircraft before being delivered, a person must get permission from the maker, Karlsen to E24 says.

He says that Airbus also seeks to be of benefit to those who are Norwegian. get a "strong partner with strong financial muscles that can also contribute to the funding of its aircraft".

– So it will take and it will take place between all parties. When we hope we are a partner with a large Asian player, who can also be a direct user to Airbus, but they are not today, it is also a factor, Karlsen says.

– At the same time, we know that we can offer what we want when we have delivered an airplane. The seven Airbus A320ne aircrafts that we have delivered are on sale, but we want to build a real partnership in collaboration with Airbus.

He says they use the Boeing plane itself in Norway and there is more flexibility there.

Depression sheets

Norway terminates in 2018 with a skeptic deficiency, but costs are incurred; company to decline in & # 39; find a profit, the results of a quarterly quarter are appear.

The reason for the recent Norwegian deficit last year has resulted in a combination of hard market competition, increased oil prices, loss of fuel security contracts and the difficulties with the Rolls-Royce engines on Dreamliner's airplane.

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