Norwegian Sligo – but still second in the relay

HAPPY: Emilie Ågheim Kalkenberg. Picture: Rolan, Berit / NTB scanpix

Emilie Ågheim Kalkenberg got a heavy start on the relay – but Norway moved from 15 to 2 places on the World Cup relay in Chanmore.


– Three beautiful stages of the others, Ola Lunde was a celebrity on NRK broadcasting.

"It's not the best experience," said Kalkenberg himself to NRK – but the other girls were happy with:

– Everything is for everyone. There is no one in order to prevent Emilie for some things, Landmark Tandrevold told NRK.

Emilie Ågheim Kalkenberg (21) got his first step and after a good shot on his & her; top, she was tired completely standing. He ended up with two penalties. So she went to 15 places, two minutes full and 16 seconds behind the lead.

So, most people have a believed Norwegian was out of the battleship, and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (22) did not get the second leg too much to enter. When she changed, Norway was registered nine – but the distance to the park was still more than two minutes.

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Thing Thingnes Bø and Norway at all

However, Tiril Eckhoff (28) on the three-stage platform was defended and went to Norway to the top of his fourth place. It burned very quickly and came to the last exchange just half a half behind France in the third place.

Marte Olsbu Røiseland (28) was the last leg and went up to the third place in Norway. But the last place was wild to all, because there was a real wind vessel. He went hard across Italy and Norway, as long as France left just over 20 seconds ahead of Norway in third place.

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Eckhoff took the impact of the # Waiting for it: – Good day for me

But a Norwegian woman did not give up and tried to catch the last kilometers. Mars Olsbu Røiseland – and therefore the second Viking place – is dominated against everything.

Norway's favorite Germany won a half-way behind. France became three years and the number of Italy was four.

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