Notify Nordland – Do you eat breakfast? You need to know if you want to lose weight

(Nettavisen 🙂 A number of researchers have tried to find out what breakfast has a weight for your bodyweight. Perhaps you have thought that the best way to allow your breakfast to let you lose weight? Not only do you lament lamentability for lunch the best option if you want to & # 39; lose a few kilos for the summer.

A new study published in the BMJ carried out a survey of 13 breakfast checks, and faced the impact of using normal breakfast in terms of weight change and energy use among adults living in well-developed countries -stead.

Turn over again

The survey showed people who had breakfast compared to those who put out the food. It was the product that was; People who ate breakfast had more day-to-day energy than those who allowed them to eat. food.

"The survey suggests that a good breakfast can not be a good strategy for losing weight, based on established breakfast practices," the auditors concluded in the inspection report.

In addition, he says that eating a breakfast can face their consequences, so care needs to be done to do so; recommend adults to get breakfast to lose weight.

Can he get more diseases

However, there has been a long-term disagreement in the research communities about the effects of first-day felling of the day. In 2014, referred to a Swedish survey, found that a higher risk of settling down a breakfast to get metabolic viruses when they were in a hurry; live. There is a collection of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

In 2017, research did not. He briefly described a recent Spaniard survey, where inspectors examined eating habits and analyzed the calculation of blood vessels to around 4000 Spaniards. This should be said something about the risk of cardiovascular disease.

– The surveys showed that those who did not have a great breakfast outdoors, were shown; write, and show that there was a great breakfast. Includes 20 per cent of calorie numbers today for the survey partners.

Breakfast and BMI did not have a lot of plant, with low blood pressure and blood values ​​that are better than those who ate small foodstuffs. The worst for those who put down their breakfast. There was a calculation measurement in the blood vessels appearing in the same direction.

However, those who put down their breakfast had a healthy lifestyle.

– But even when these differences were introduced, it might be that something at the restaurant would have to say: it could be negative for the health of its & # 39; heart to leave breakfast, a & # 39; write

ADVERTISEMENT: Norwegian breakfast boards do not have unusual bread and eggs. Many breakfast restaurants can say a lot for your health, according to the research. Photograph: Scanpix Blue Kallestad / NTB

Do not eat enough

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or keep your weight stable, good food is important.

– There is a lot of positive about the development of the Norwegian diet, but we see that we are facing challenges; We need to work together, Linda Granlund, director of the Norwegian Health Management department at Nettavisen, said at that time.

She commented on the Norwegian State Executive's annual state report on eating food and improving the diet over time, where it revealed that we have a small way before we go go to all the food tips completely.

The Vikings eat too much fatty salts, we get both sugar and sugar, and we eat too much meat – and too much fish.

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