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Now, they're selling Chromecast Audio stop

Google has made a huge investment in healthy products for the home over the past year. These included a small plastic case called Chromecast Audio, which could be converted into a "foolish" ordinary speaker and converted to a cell phone capture signal and a rest of your items.

Now, Google Chromecast Audio disappears. In a statement on The Verge's website, Google says there are several different things that allow users to enjoy music, so they do not need Chromecast Audio more. However, they promise to continue to support the units in future updates, so if you have purchased one of the tools, they will still work in the time future.

No new place

The fact is that a number of different audio sources are now in fact a change factor. Home Google and Home Mini are here in Norwegian, as well as Home Max and Hub Hub in the United States, but none of these will be a regular, analogous speaker to a digital streaming speaker, as Chromecast Audio is capable.

Due to the fact that there are only 3.5-millimeters in Google's smart speakers that Chromecast Audio is a & # 39; used to input signals to the speaker. You can connect to the people that are quick to others wireless talking, but not ordinary analogue products.

However, the Echo Dot football player, who offers regular audio output. The problem is not in official sales in Norway, which means that the price is much higher than the US. The Echo Payment of Expenses from NOK 340 for its 2nd generation model, or NOK 750 for the latest Echo Dot.

Google Chromecast Audio is still sold for less than $ 300. There are still a number of Viking shops in stock, if you want to get one before it completely eliminates.

Google Chromecast Audio is unlikely to be avoided, since the well was very well when we proved it. is a commercial contributor of They provide updated prices, price alerts and product information.

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