Ole Gunnar Solskjær: – – There was a sense like funeral

After a gruesome victory over Watford on Saturday, Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjær manager did not hide that the game was marked by a slow and slow game. He felt that several of the United States players had recently suffered a disruption and national disruption.

"You can't take more than three points," said Solskjær. But the statistics still showed that the ball was in 48% of the game in Watford, and that 18 of them were against eight.

Gal: Nigel is knowledgeable and crazy. Dagbladet TV came in when the taxi driver examined the temperature of fever Solskjær to control Manchester. Video: Kristoffer Løkås / Dagbladet
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Despite the fact that Solskjær and those with an impact of 2-1 were avoiding their third direct loss, the joke was pressed very hard in the wardrobe after the game.

– The atmosphere in the wardrobe was almost like a funeral. Everyone sat straight there. It was very quiet. Everyone was disappointed with their own efforts after the end of the game. No-one is noted for the effects and three points, Solskjaer describes the British Times.

– Everyone knew that their performance was worse than we had expected, which is great because they want honest players to be their own. We know we can play better, follow it.

The battle for the fourth place

In the last game before the national break, the Solskjaer team lost to Wolverhampton in the FA Cup final stages. Since then, Norway has signed a three-year agreement signed by United, which means it is being given more rigorous requirements.

Tuesday, Manchester United will meet Wolverhampton again, this time in the Premier League.

If Solskjær is to line United United as the fourth most important place in the Premier League, who promise games in the League next season, United United matches his match.

Tottenham and Manchester United have 61 points, and keep the third and fourth places in the table. Behind them is Arsenal and Chelsea with 60 points, and the first competition has a good match.

criticism: Ole Gunnar Solskjær got their job as Manchester United's manager on a stable footing, but not everyone feels the right person for the job. Video: Kristoffer Løkås
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No change that could be made

To avoid another defeat against Wolverhampton, Solskjær is ready to make one important change in the middle of parkland: t

On Saturday, Solskjaer said he was willing to let the player Paul Pogba be even deeper in the direction of the Wolverhampton attack, to ensure United's maker gets more in a team than they did t Watford on Saturday.

– Paul Pogba is important to us. We can't keep the ball on the Saturday team, and we're a bit disappointed. But Paul has just played two games for the national team, where he plays in a slightly deeper role, which may also consider him more involved in the fighting and to act as compulsion.

– But it is something we must consider from battle to fight. As you can see, Paul can play both ways. He can attack and protect him.

Reply to Gaal

Last week, former United manager Louis van Gaal went on to overturn the warrant on the United style of play under Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Among the Dutch reports to the BBC were Solskjaer, José Mourinho, "parking the bus and the gates for the others".

– Biggest difference between Mourinho and Solskjær is that Solskjær games are victorious, he said and he said "United is not playing as they did under Ferguson".

On Sunday evening Solskjaer was opposed to the protest:

– The football team will be able to play without a ball. If you need, you have a good chance, with a high pressure, low pressure or medium pressure. Sometimes we have to change it, according to Manchester Evening News.

Solskjaer-fever: Though Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjær play the best match to Watford, there's no doubt who is the hotter in the town now. Video: Kristoffer Løkås
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Solitaire Solskjaer

He also said that he is happy and thankful to take over a team who has played through coach leadership. He also believes that players who play for José Mourinho, Louis van Gaal, David Moyes and Sir Alex Ferguson – have players who are all familiar with the game "they know all sides of the game".

– Louis van Gaal has a right to have his own idea. We've seen some games, and in some games we've been high in the park, we won the ball there and we were always. Maybe he is talking more about the PSG fight, which was a battle where we needed to defend ourselves well and against it.

– It's about where you won the ball. You want to protect yourself so that you can move the ball and move on. You have to win the ball to attack it, and I have made two methods. Why not attack quickly if you have the opportunity? As long as you win the ball with the intention of attacking, Solskjær says.

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