Polestar 2 receives 500km of range and will cost less than the NOK 400,000

Polestar told Volvo that was just after the New Year that they would launching their first clean electric car in a short time, and in a bit unusual, they put the car into a competitors just like Tesla's Model 3 at a & # 39; box.

Wednesday she was shown her car for her & her; first time. It was named Polestar 2.

78 kWh

The center's consulates have a small-penny-inch screen of 11 inches. most interaction. The screen will run Android differential. Picture: Polestar

The car gets a total battery of 78 kWh, ie a few kilowatt hours more than the type of Tesla's largest 3 model. The battery is made up of 27 total battery modules, and Polestar leader Thomas Ingenlath said they have a 500km target of the WLTP range.

In comparison, Tesla Model 3 has a 544-meter WLTP range in the 75 kWh organization. Polestar 2 will also be able to put up to 150km of taxes, as well as the 120 kilometer that will get Tesla cars from the Supercharger network.

We also learned that the engine will be 300 kilometers, 408 powerpower. This is divided into two engines, one on the front wheels and one on the back wheels, with a total of 660 Nm. It should give 0-100 kilometers per hour under five seconds.

Polestar stressed how new lighting should be able to continue continuous driving with the long lights forward, without drivers coming in. The side screen is also reduced by 30% in volume by moving to & # 39; glass glass itself, not all the mirror. It should make aerodynamics better than a car with an outside mirror.

Chieftainer, Thomas Ingenlath, was sad in front of Polestar 2. Picture: screen shot

The keypad is the key

The car can be locked by using your phone and receives a number of Bluetooth antennas to ensure that the amount of length is & # 39; You're far more than usual. It will not lift the car automatically until you're about two meters away.

Inside, free car cars of animal products – at least in the usual format. Picture: Polestar

The starting button is located in the driver's seat. When your car finds that your phone is inside the car and you are sitting in the city, turned on.

The car is equipped with an 11-inch screen in the center's consulations – equipped with Android as the security system. That means Google Maps, Google Help, and all Google Store Store are just available on screen & # 39; car.

So, you can ask your travel car to a particular place to go to; use the voice, or ask the assistant to record a nearby payment station or play from Spotify or other music services.

– Polestar 2 is the best electric car. Time, Ingenlath said as an attack on the launch.

Polestar 2 is a SUV car-like with a large battery and a long range. Picture: Polestar

It can be arranged today

Inside, the car is free from animal products. The interior is inserted into wood and polycarbonate, and the seat with "vegan" leather change called Weave Tech as well as text options. However, Nappa leather is available as an option.

The car comes in six different colors, with and without a Performance pack. The capacity of luggage is marked at 404 liters, plus 34 liters in front.

Price & & # 39; starts at EUR 39,900, ie just under NOK 390,000, long and last; Maximum model arriving at EUR 59,900, near NOK 600,000 (in Germany, we will return to Norway prices as soon as we get them). Production work began in February 2020 in China, and Norway is among the countries where their cars are available first.

The configuration model is available today, as well as posting the retention capacity. The switchover as we know from other brands is the highest change that has been assigned to 59,000 euros.

The Tesla Model 3-minimalist is not completely, but is justly handsome. Picture: Polestar

His first store in Oslo

Polestar is mentioned that his car will be shown for his & her; the first time for the general public at Show Motor Geneva from 7-17 March.

Their company also stated that they will open to & # 39; The first shop / showroom, Space Polestar as they say, in Øvre Slottsgate in Oslo, later this year. This is the first Polestar source in the world. From there, they will expand to 60 total sources by mid 2020.

The Polestar brand name does not exist for two years only, and their first car, Polestar 1, is still in production. It will be almost always constant to be submitted until the end of 2019, with a 500 production target not just for Polestar every year.

The chief chief of Thomas Ingenlath is on the front of a photograph of a Polestar shop that is being built in Slottsgate Øvre in Oslo. Picture: screen shot

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