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Political editor: "All bridges" are shot between Giske and Støre

The case has been updated.

– Støre and Giske have long respect and respect. My opinion is that Giske has lived in the skin and has been sufficiently loyal. Now, all bridges seem to have been burned, says politician Editor Tone Sofie Aglen in the NTB review.

– The things that I welcome you if it is; Giske sees that he has nothing to lose and that he can not do it. play within the work, rather than being loyal to the party's leadership, she says.

In an interview with TV on Friday 2, Giske responded to questions about his confidence in Støre:

– He is the leader of the Labor Party and is selected by his & her; national gathering. Our leader is ours so that we have a new one.

He also said that Støre does not have much to do in everyday life.

The future?

The statements fell after the party's leader said that his / her; Giske's confidence is needed to carry out important roles and he went on to make a significant contribution to his & the possibility that the exhibitor could become more important again in the party.

On Friday, Giske needed to be aware that the fight for new appointments in Trøndelag Ap was lost. The Giske video is a dance girl with a young woman at an evening club in Oslo, making her a election committee changes its mind.

Giske himself thinks that the video has been used in power-fighting and at # 39; particularly criticizes VG comment. In an interview with NRK on Friday night, he says there is nothing at his video to delete the warning cases last year. He is committed to working as a whole for a strong and radical social democrat "Trondelag".

According to Aglen, Giske still has many supporters, although they are disappointed that he has arrested himself in this visit. She believes that the roles are a distinctive image and speaker for empty areas.

– It's interesting to see if he wants to fill those posts, she says.

Giske still has many followers, among other things, of ideas in social media in the past.

Trond vs. Raymond?

Gunnar Tore Stenseng, who was a supporter, was among those who moved out with support for Giske.

– It is uncertain that Trustees do not support Trond Giske in the power struggle where Oslo's party is going to; do everything they can to keep them away. They know that the most dangerous of Raymond Johansen is the day Ap is required by a new headteacher, and Stenseng writing on Facebook, according to TV 2.

He names Giske as leader of his future party. Stenseng was the Nord-Fron ward in Oppland from 1984 to 2007 and is the father of his secretary. Kjersti Stenseng party. The couple and the county chief of Oppland disappeared a long distance from the play.

only water

Professor Jon Helge Lesjø at the University of Innlandet College believes that this is a single-person Stenseng play by the elderly and who does not. represents the scene in Appa Oppland.

The election scientist agrees with Aglen in which Giske can be a leader on the left of the party.

– I also see Giske as a candidate to the left, but the political differences are very small, he says, saying that Giske has moved from left and up to center.

In Oppland Ap, the Labor Party confides itself on "classical social democratic values", but Lesjø is a " Believe that Giske is not a candidate for this.

– The general idea is that people are tired. Now there are fewer legends of their people and they will do a profile on it; policy, says Lesjø to NTB.

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