Political prisoners are abused in Saudi Arabia

MAKING ABOUT ARABIAN: Bin Bin Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud has carried out a medical examination of political prisoners, writing The Guardian. Photo: BANDAR ALGALOUD HANDOUT / PALS ROYAL SAUDI

While the Saudi Arabia government is relieved from its loss of political prisoners, it has found cuts, bruises and burns on a number of residents, released medical reports.

The reports, published by the British newspaper The Guardian, are described as the first to describe how life within Saudi prisons is of great importance in a caring and complete kingdom.

According to reports, which are described as a mystery, a number of political prisoners are poorly executed, and cuttings, banks and burnt marks were found on people convicted of political crime.

The Guardian write that they have been able to prove the results of one of the prisoners in the report, and that the circumstances surrounding the others to whom the research was carried out, have not been verified, although the paper says that they are consistent with previous reports on pharmaceutical costs Saudi Arabia to keep up.

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Internal review

It is likely that the medical reports will be presented to King Salman Saudi Arabia, along with three different recommendations, and the king will be asked to apologize to the prisoners, or whether the condition would end. a paper for those affected by health issues. .

In almost all of the surveys carried out, it has been reported that many of the prisoners were treated very poorly and it is recommended that almost all people will receive immediate health care.

The options presented to the king are part of a major internal review, which he has reported personally.

King Salman has agreed to carry out medical inspections of up to 60 prisoners, many of them women, for the purpose of preparing a report for sending to royal court officers, a source of the newspaper.

Women have been deceived

The pressure on Saudi Arabia has grown in the last few months after knowledge that female campaigners have been finding out that they have been banned and whipped.

In early March, the Norwegian signals and a number of European countries signed a public order with Saudi Arabia, calling on the government to release all female campaigners to release the prisoners. Full criticism was given in the Human Rights Council or DA.

At the end of February, Saudi Arabia, Deputy Solicitor, said they had investigated the allegations of pain and found it was a "deceitful news".

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It must have destroyed their own impact

Saudi Arabia is also battling its international reputation following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi journalist on 2 October last year. Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, and then parted.

He was a prominent judge of the Saudi system, and in February a decision by the UK special Rapporteur awarded money to judge that Khashoggi officers were planned and made by the Saudi Arabian officials. King Salman, Prince Charles Mohammed bin Salman, claims the information from CIA from the USA has been ordered.

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According to the source of knowledge on the reports, the King's order for the medical examinations of the political prisoners is, despite the grievance of his sons' complaints, and the order also applies. Include a review of the decision Mohammed bin Salman about 200 men and women arrested for khashoggi murder.

It is not known whether some of the political prisoners surveyed were captured as a result of the massacre.

According to The Guardian, there are no speakers for the Saudi authorities to provide comments on the reports.

ROYAL: King Salman by clan chief and city Mohammed bin Salman in December 2018. Picture: Reuters / Handout

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