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Prohibition on returning commission in the financial industry

Owners of equal opportunities pay an annual fee to the fund manager. Many people might not know that much of this money is going to the manager only to the person delivering it.

For example, if you buy a shared asset from Norway Alfred Berg Gambak from the Nordnet broker online, you pay two per cent per year in annual management costs. Half of this will go back to Nordnet, according to the web browser price lists.

The optician has recommended paying customers the price to buy.

“Although the customer is interested in getting the highest possible prices, the councilor is often interested in a maximum rate,” he added. caution is given to Jorge Jensen, the deputy finance president of the Consumer Council, who believes this turns the councils into an active fund, where the adviser gets far more if they buy cheaper fundraiser property.

It will provide cheaper funding

So several countries have banned such a commission, and the Consumer Council will add to the week in which he praises Norway in the same way.

– The aim of the proposal is to specifically prevent people who sell money from conflicting interests with those who are buying the asset, Jensen says.

He hopes that even if a commission of a commission is to be sent to the council, a smaller quantity of advice will be obtained if a return commission is received.

More than that, the money will be cheaper, according to the head of the department.

Good experience

When the UK and Holland prosecuted in 2012 and 2014 respectively, the property's costs fell.

· The main decision by these countries is that the money came cheaper to customers and that competition was more healthy between the funding agencies, Jensen says.

In its Consumer Council report, the Consumer Council showed that, while 60 per cent of the savings in Britain's funds were put into the most expensive fund, this sector had fallen to 20 per cent. T About two and a half years later.

– We have also seen in the UK and Holland that the competition has been moved to self-service platforms. Many have recently used robot councilors, Jensen says.

Not common for absolute prevention

The industry does not agree with the Consumer Council.

– We have a positive vision on each measure which will increase savings in funding and ensure competitive customer prices. However, we propose that the bargaining of commissions will not be the right way to say, said Rune Selmar of the Odin Forvaltning.

The Odin Rune Selmar boss doesn't believe that a complete ban on a commission is the best solution.

The Odin Rune Selmar boss doesn't believe that a complete ban on a commission is the best solution.
(Image: Elin Høyland)

He feels that the guidance companies would find it a better solution to return those bare classes that they had given away, eg spending classes without returning a commissions.

– We believe this will add to competition, as the subscribers choose their own business model, Selmer says.

KLP believes each fund should have a low fixed commission.

If the liquidator is in receipt of a fixed fee, irrespective of the proceeds sold, the incentives will only be removed for the purposes of proposing the most expensive funds, according to Ståle Øksnes, director. Kapitalforvaltning property in KLP.

A complete ban on a commission commission will mean that customers will have to pay for their own financial advice, with little interest, that surveys will take place.

– It is almost a good solution that private customers need to pay one thousand dollars or two in advisory fees for a savings contract NOK 100 a month, says Selmer.

DNB is strong-cut

In its report, the Consumer Council recommends DNB that has already taken steps to convert to a new life by cutting the commission back to a low base.

-We want a clear and friendly model of our audience, and we make a return commission of 0.13 and 0.15 points respectively on funds being actively managed and managed. This applies equally to all independent funds from regulatory companies, therefore removing any potential conflict of interest, says communications consultant Vidar Korsberg Dalsø in DNB.

Currently, the path only covers some funding classes, but DNB has invited suppliers of external funds to sell full-price sales through the bank platform.

– The Consumer Council believes that DNB is making a brave move that is likely to persuade other business players to continue in some way, writing the advice in its report.

But the Consumer Council preferred to completely cut the commission. In February, DN wrote that DNB had substantially reduced his management costs on a number of his assets.(Rules) tDagens Næringsliv MP and / or our providers. We want you to share our examples of how this is connected, which continues directly on our pages. Copies or other forms of the whole material may only be made after written permission or as permitted by law. For more information please see this. T

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