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Read Meyer – Letter to cover the connection to the "Shame" star

The daughter, Lea Meyer (19) of Oslo, has already been a major factor as a model, and last year she first acted as an actor on the right cinema in the film "The affair".

For most people, she is the woman who has acted "Skam", Henrik Holm (23), who was involved in the success of NRK.

The two have previously appeared as they met in an interview with British Vogue.

In the interview, Henrik told her a couple met when she worked as a wardrobe at a Frogner café in Oslo where Lea often made homework. Henrik had to try to find out, and found out that her little brother was a good friend with her little brother. The opening was needed by the actor.

It will be recognized on the street

In a new interview with KK, where Lea looks up with her mother, Camilla Diane Meyer (50), the 19-year-old man is a let her cover about her & # 39; friendship with her actress.

After Lea's love with the "Shame" star in 2017, there was a great deal on her friend.

– There has been a lot of attention, but he has taken a big deal, saying Lea to KK.

MEETING BY KAFÉ: In the interview with KK, Lea Meyer tells of every notice of the connection to the star
COURT MEETING: In an interview with KK, Lea Meyer talks about all the attention of the connection to the "Skam" Henrik Holm star. Photograph: Andreas Fadum / Se and Hør
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In addition, the 19-year-old man tells her that she does not allow her to go into her negative ideas, and that she is instead of a choice to; focus on what is positive.

Norwegian model spirit does not hide that she and Henrik are often recognized on the street, especially after the two set up for British Vogue in 2017.

– There have been several trips where Henrik fans come in and they are completely in a position. look back by seeing them. They want to grab pictures and build things, and it's funny, but at the same time a bit weird. What did I do, anyway? tells his age 19 in the interview with KK.

In season 3 of the famous NRK Skam series, the character played by a star by Isak Valtersen by Tarjei Sandvik Moe. Sandra Lyng Haugen, Lise Karlsnes, Katarina Flatland, Emilie "Voe" Nereng and Linnea Myhre on the series of Celtic Gala Se & Hør. Look more
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Film appointments are added

The work of the Norwegian film "The affair", on the other hand, did not; and her actress, but a "Skam" colleague, Tarjei Sandvik Moe (19). It should be set out that Lea may be relevant to the post.

– I was with Henrik when he got a text message from Tarjei. He wrote, "I have a role in a new film, it's OK to recommend Lea to play my sweetheart?" He asked Henrik if he was allowed. And then Henrik said: "Indeed, if I'm going to meet Tarjei, you should also find out with Tarjei!", She says in the interview with the magazine.

His first actor actor gave a special taste, and Lea decided to move to Copenhagen earlier this year to go to the theater and a high-level arts line at Bhorups High School in Copenhagen. Today it is again on the screen, this short film tour directed by Jakob Rørvik

MATTERS TO USE: The comedian «Smeil» Josefine Frida Pettersen (22) is among others that appear in the short steam advertising film for RFSU – where the goal is to increase more people; Use a condom by "adding the condom to the generic context it belongs to." Video: RFSU
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International air

The couple have had little image image since they were known as twins. They did not appear together but at a few events earlier, but they have not spoken openly about their relationship in the media.

When Lea and Henrik appeared in the famous magazine of Vogue, several of them got their eyes on their handsome couple.

MOTHERABLE PARLIAMENT: Henrik Holm and Lea Meyer have met British Vogue, which has been produced with great photographs and interviews. The magazine did not pass the recommendations when they talked about his friend as Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in Norway. Picture: Facsimile
ARTS ARTS: Henrik Holm and Lea Meyer have met British Vogue, which came out with a large photograph and interview. The magazine did not pass the recommendations when they talked about his friend as Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in Norway. Picture: Facsimile
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The magazine met the famous girlfriend, and the article was written by the Norwegian freelancer. The two dolphin turtles were named as a Viking response to Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

"Looking at the amazing style (Angelic features of Meyer and Holm's rock behavior), a couple's interest in acting – without saying that the best answer is in #relationshipgoals ", wrote the journal on their website.

The couple of Vogue style, and on many of the professional images, were decorated in Norwegian designs from brands such as Tom Wood, Brother August and Mayow. The stillers have also embarked into a flexible foreigner, such as Balenciaga shoes.

The photographs were photographed by the photographer Nick Thompson and Tom Broecker's picked up. The magazine thanked the Grand Hotel in footnotes, and # 39; shows that some of the images may be taken there.

In the interview, the couple talked about, well, fashion. Lea said it's hard to tell about her lover's style, but said he has been inspired by several decades different and has a good look for details.

– Lea is the play, but a cool, Viking style. Colors are also something she's good; use them and how to set sequences. She breathes away from us, the star "Shame" said about her lover as a return.

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