Review: The Late Great – "Temporary Love Singers" – Excellent from "Rock City Tromsø"

Album: If I did not know the best, I really thought The Late Great from the community Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny in New Jersey had a weekend visit to The Hold Steady in New York and The Band in Woodstock and spent their holidays with Scottish The Waterboys in London.




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«North rock very quickly.»

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But – the band with the comic name (which can be translated by it) dawesome, The die) is a completely different part of the world, that is in Tromsø!


The songwriter, musician and guitarist Tor Thomassen had a legitimate vision when he and his band released the large album "Songs from the 21st Century" in 2016. Now the sequence is here, with one Fourteen song is surrounded over the last one with a rock in the US. Should we be willing to baptize this? North Rock?

Trom Troms is vibes

The Late Great accompanies a series of Tromsø bands in the last few years, such as new Hollow Hearts and more Violet Road based. The Thomassen man has a background from Tromsø, Vishnu, who ran from 2002 to 2013 and his / her; distributing two tables. The sound from that is followed and developed in guidance that is slightly softer and scarce in The Late Great.


Okay, it's not good annas. The Late Great is not just about creating a new species, but the submissions are good and so it's really done. If they are like other bands, they do it with handsome and style. he is something which separates them from others, who make them the Great Drink.

Usually the good songs, the brutal driver, the tall melody, the Thomassens adult voice and perfect vocabulary (as well as guitar and co-communication) and Erik Nilsson handle on the keys (high piano / piano / organ / turbines). Roy Bittan needs to be encouraged by the long-haired and bearded – and he can enter the E. Street band at any time. Another man who needs to be identified is the arisen of Joshua Ariel, who represents a special representation in the Kysten Studio in Tromsø.

Super attractive

«We searched in the rubbish for love», Thomson is singing in her & # 39; first opening "Sundown Surrender". You do not have to look again, find it.

It is difficult to draw individual songs on a full list of materials, but we want to recommend suggestions for new audiences: later "Other clothes", ballads "You can take your cake and swallow the moon" (with text slightly indirect), quick «Cherry OnTop» (The«Beautiful, beautiful, insert cherry again broken») and "Just like Saro Jane" (suspicious welcome the forgotten songs, as "Saro Jane", sung by, among others, The Kingston Trio, Odetta and Flatt & Scruggs).

And – yet we have not mentioned the main events «Blind D 'Lean Follow» and "Reservoir of Memories », the two power videos that could destroy snow. And if we need anything now, that's just.

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