Ryan Seacrest – – 18 years old lover for TV mogul

After three years as a lover, the television image Ryan Seacrest (44) and the Shayna Taylor (26) model will be linked together. There are several media statements in the US.

"They're still friends friendly and still close together," a friend of the couple says, saying that the two are still happy and happy. cares for each other.

Ryan and Shayna met through ordinary friends in 2013. When Seacrest, a producer of the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and "American Idol" television series, has recently been out of high quality relationships with Hollywood Julianne's star Hough (30).

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Break after Valentine's Day

Shortly after, he started Shayna Taylor who was 18 years old, but his couple stayed for a long time, and over the years there is a relationship between them – where the text is & # 39; get a young date.

The breakdown news comes just two weeks after the two Valentine Day is celebrated together. Then, Shayna put a picture on her own and Ryan was sitting close together and her; The sun liked to sink by boat:

– Valentine's good day for my best friend. I hope that every day is full of love. Whatever he is from a friend, family member or someone else who cares for you … Everyone deserves to be loved today, write it.

ARM IN ARM: Shayna and Ryan pictured together on a fashionable fashion in New York in September 2018. Photograph: NTB scanpix
ARM IN ARM: Shayna and Ryan are pictured together on the fashion season in New York in September 2018. Photograph: NTB scanpix
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When this was written, none of the parties reported to the publicly stated statement, and Shayna de Ryan still has a number of photographs lying on her; account of Instagram.

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Complaint about sex harassment

Years ago, the age of 44 ended in a bad weather when the previous stylist was out about sexual harassment.

The allegations against Ryan were that he should blocking his stylist in just the backbone with building pens, preserving it and hitting it on phot.

He suffered the TBh tough mogul himself for misleading behavior for the stylist, and shortly after the sex costs, he even put on the Oscar carpet.

Along with Giuliana Rancic (44), Seacrest every year will cover the starred star star during the Oscars for the American TV channel E!

ASSESSMENT OF DECLARATIONS: KK's fashion expert and editor, Ingeborg Heldal, are discussing the Oscar dress this year, some of which fell in taste of others. Video: Video Entertainment Getty Images / Jonas Scheie Hammer
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According to the Daily Mail, Hollywood's certainty was not interested in talking to the TV host, and only four of the 20 stars featured were interviewed.

In addition, a 30-second bankruptcy was added, which delayed broadcast live to E !.

According to the Celebrity Networth website, Ryan Seacrest is good for around $ 3 billion and has an annual salary of around $ 520 million.

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