Sale , The E-Commerce – Poor customer service is the reason for closing more stores

Jernia's chief executive says that the sources have been "abusing" the customers in many years with poor service.

There is a lot to grow in an export as a main reason why many corporate sources need to be closed, Dagens Næringsliv's statements. The Chief Executive of Jerna Espen Karlsen thinks that's wrong.

– We are responsible for our own problems. For many years, retailers can make good money without giving a service. We have been causing consumers to worry for many years, and we are experiencing Pay his mail for now, he says to DN.

Listen to what customers say

Karlsen believes that a man needs to listen to what consumers say about why they choose an online shop.

– It is possible to find the discussion when the store says that the reason for bankruptcy breaking and closing and changing consumer practices, he says to him; newspaper.

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Jernia's president thinks he is struggling as badly as possible; The service is in a shop.

– With very few differences, no one can look after you as a user. The material has been largely achieved for many years. We just have to thank ourselves. We can not live by troubling customers in this way, says Karlsen to DN.

HUMAN PHOTOGRAPHY: Harald J. Andersen believes that it has been more important than ever before the staff were in the corporate stores.
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– Important that staff are good

Harald J. Andersen is a trade director in the main Virke group, and he agrees with Karlsen.

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"In the physical sources, staff who are good councilors have always been more important and who can help to create good knowledge, has been easily facilitated in the shop, "said Andersen to DN.

The director believes that the whole industry needs to be based on creating a commitment and a desire to get to it; shop.

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