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Samsung Galaxy Fold – The Vikings are among the first to buy this

This year, the first smartphones that can be displayed on the market are now, and Samsung is among the leading companies. Now the company in South Korea says that Norway is one of the countries where the Galaxy Fold is available first.

Samsung may have been inspired by the electric car world and today it is possible for Norway to sit on a reservoir in April 26 instead of being the first to buy Fold Galaxy foldable. T the company.

The phone will initially be sold through the Samsung and Telia port, and you can also check it out in Elkjøp at Glasmagasinet, contact the mobile phone company in a press release. T

Galaxy Fold's price is over $ 21,000 – more than a thousand dollars cheaper than Huawei Mate X – and with purchase you can get Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Buds, designed by kevlar and insurance year through Samsung Care +.

This is Galaxy Fold

We were present in London when Samsung's Galaxy Fold series launched in February with the new Galaxy S10 series, and phones will become the champion of Huaweis Mate X.

Unlike the Royole FlexPai, which took a look at the CES Las Vegas exhibition in January, the Galaxy Fold screen is turned out when not in use, as in the case of books.

The application includes small gears, not unlike Lenovo's do with the Yoga PCs, which are hidden to create a more stylish design for the device, Samsung says.

The main screen has an AMOLED panel which is mostly 7.3 inches long. To make the foldable screen, Samsung has created a new engineer to create a panel that is half the size of a regular phone panel.

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