Sandnes Township – Measles – vaccine for vaccination

Several episodes of measles have been found in Norway over the past two weeks. The final cases were discovered at the emergency room in Egersund. That means he can be affected by the disease in our area.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has informed that the lessee has made a SAS air raid on Friday 22. March at that time. 15.00 from Oslo to Stavanger. From someone affected by a disease epidemic (incubation period) it will take 10 – 14 days.

So new things can happen in our area, so it's important that those who have not been infected or vaccinated tell us about the vaccine to the health service. Children without money (under 15 months) are particularly at risk.

General recommendations about MMR vaccine

They do not need MMR vaccine:

  • Born in 1970 or later: Vaccines should be offered to people who have followed the Norwegian childhood immunization program, and no more doses are required.
  • Born from 1960 through 1969: Most people have been accepting the measles, but after introducing the vaccine, the disease has surrendered. This means that someone is protected against measles because they are not immunized or are injured. So, if in doubt, we recommend taking one dose of MMR vaccine.
  • Born before 1960: The probability that measles is so high that MMR vaccine is not thought to be necessary.


One person who was born in 1970 or later is recommended for one proportion of the MMR vaccine in the following cases: t

  • If they are unsure whether they have followed the childhood immunization program and therefore have had the vaccine / MMR vaccine, or
  • If they don't know if they have gone through these diseases. Most people then receive long-term protection.

Signs of measles

Fever with fever, cough, coryza, photophobia – up to 3-4 days. Within a few days there will be white spotting in the mouth (Coplic spots). Then, with a fever that then invites the broth. The broth usually starts behind the ears and spreads rapidly to the whole body. Usually, rash, fever and other symptoms last 2 to 5 days. This can cause a problem that is longer than a broom. Encephalitis is a rare but heavy problem that often happens 1-2 weeks after the rash.

Young children are particularly vulnerable to having difficulty and difficulty.

If measles are suspected, contact your doctor by phone.

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