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Skavlan: – The princess criticizes Skavlan's interview

Last week Princess Märtha Louise visited the Skavlan conversation show, along with the American singer Shaman Durek. At the interview, they talk about the new collaboration and the end of superstition and science.

On Sunday, the boy sent an job on Instagram, where he answers the way the program has been cut. Later, the same princess shared the same symbol.

The video is comprised of two videos; one from the front room and the other from the pre-cutting program. Both will form part of the interview with Durek.

“Note the differences between these two gaps. What was said and what was included in the broadcast. Is it ok to give a new response to a question, ”asks Märtha Louise at the photo sharing service and asks the fans to have their say in the range of views.

Princess Märtha Louise, Carina Scheele Carlsen, manager of the princess tells Dagbladet that the princess doesn't want to comment on the issue she has already written on Instagram.

Cutting the answer

In clips, Americans ask why they should not give lectures in Sweden when they go to Denmark and Norway.

– The reason why we don't visit Sweden this time is because I have a lot to do about giving a book this year. We have talked about it and we want to visit Sweden later, according to Durek in the unknown file.

Skavlan then asks a follow-up question about Durek's opinion that there is another type of market in Sweden for shamanic thought.

– I have been a good deal in Sweden and the Swedish market needs this. I like Swedes, but they are very strange and ask a lot. They mix everything. "What are you doing? You are here?", He says and follows:

– It gets too much and it stops you from seeing yourself. You always see it through other people. You want perfection, but completeness is not true, it says and introduces other things among other laws.

RASER: Shaman Shaman Durek is tough on the result of Skavlan for the way he is presented in the interview. Photo: TV 2
Breed: Shaman Duram strongly opposes the production of Skavlan for the way in which he is presented in the interview. Photo: TV 2
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In the interview interview, Durek's answer to the follow-up question is the answer to Skavlan's first question, why should they not give lectures in Sweden.

Breeding against a fruit

On Instagram, Durek writes that he has received many answers to the interview after the program and that more people are not keen on Swedish.

– I was delighted with the interview until I saw how they prepared my response, it is writing about the picture sharing service.

He also mentions that he went to Sweden and took part in the conversation show to show the Norse people his love. This is because the mother's family are of Norway.

– This is power abuse. He is embarrassed and disingenuous and is unhappy with the people who write Durek on Instagram.

Shaman Durek has not answered any Dagbladet questions.

This criticism will be understood

A news editor in TV 2, Karianne Solbrække, told Dagbladet that she understands Durek would like to query.

– Skavlan registration always takes much longer than the completed program. We cut it off first because it wasn't about the topic in the interview. Our guests will always be as good as possible, but we must give priority.

Solbrække appears to appear introducing the term where he says he was a very nasty Swedish. They should also be interviewed by Durek, where he came up with those aspects of the Swedes who were interested in the program.

Bergen 20171110.
The journalist Karianne Solbrække in a new TV2 studio in Media City Bergen.Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Bergen 20171110.
The journalist Karianne Solbrække in a new TV2 studio in Media City Bergen.

Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix
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– The most important thing for us is to introduce the content of the content, that is, the interviewees thought. I haven't heard anything else because he is standing for what is said to be a feature of Sweden, which says Solbrække to Dagbladet.

– This is not the first time the work of the guests is judged on how the program is cut. What do you think is happening again?

– There are two completely different things. The servant is criticized for preparing the program. The guests want everything to be included, but we need to use elections, which say Solbrække.

She disagrees with Durek's claim that they used power.

– It wasn't our intention to damage the power. We wanted to show his opinion honestly and honestly. It has not given any information that it is something that it does not stand. The most important thing for us was to find out what was going to be talking.

Solbrække says to Dagbladet that TV 2 hasn't been in touch with Shaman Durek or Princess Märtha Louise after the interview.

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