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Snap Inc., who owns a Snapchat image share service holder, passed the performance report after the New York Stock Exchange closed on Tuesday.

The company said that 14 cents lost each section in the # 39; quarter ending in December, or net pay of $ 191.87 million.

In advance, the result was expected to show the loss of each section of 19 cents, according to Factset. In the corresponding time last year, the 28 cents were lost per department.

Income came at $ 389 million, up from $ 286 million years ago. In advance, revenue was expected to be $ 377 million.

Daily daily users (DAUs) fell 1 million compared to the last quarter quarter, to 186 million. However, from the third quarter, its client company has not been lost. In advance, analysts expected 1.5 million users to fall from the quarter beforehand.

Many users stopped using the app after the company launched a new design last year, but Snap has recently made new changes. However, another quarter of decline would be a proof of a larger depression of the app, written by the Wall Street Journal before publication.

The investors so look very satisfied with the fact that the customers have seemed to be stable for now.

Stock pants

Researchers are responding to & # 39; putting up the stock – just a few minutes after the release of the report, the retailers on Wall Street have up to 17 per cent.

History indicates that the Snap allowance is likely to be & # 39; falling quickly after the earning labels. The stock has dropped six of the seven times the company has released its quarterly report since it was listed in 2017.

But this time, however, investors believe that they are satisfied with their. result.

Snap has seen a strong rise to date this year before the production, and has risen by around 14 per cent over the last 30 days.

However, over the last year, they have fallen by almost 50 per cent, The stock price, at a Tuesday exchange rate was $ 6.99, much below the $ 17 registered fee.

Snapchat's main challenge is a fierce competition from Instagram with Facebook, which has worked similarly as Snapchats-like "Stories". In October, Piper Jaffray's report found that Instagram was the biggest application in teenagers, according to CNBC. At the same time, Snapchat's users fell dramatically.

This is the promising result in the time of the account for Snap.

"We completed our year by consolidating our users, and we have started to bring forward the new version of the Android version of the app to a small number of users," CEO Evan Spiegel said in a message.

Sorry time in the company

The latest Snap tour delivering results, b & # 39; It was a worst concern that Snapchat has been redesigned and new features that were not very well received and that consumers dropped.

Since then, many have happened in the company still young.

Financial manager Tim Stone, who was imported from Amazon, left his company in January. According to Bloomberg, it should have happened after he had overseen the Evan Spiegel's Chief Executive by going to # 39; Go directly to their board to get higher salaries and require more power.

Only three days after Stone, a HR director and global security director and company also seemed to have one of them a romantic relationship with a worker.

The leavers have raised queries about the firmness of its company, according to Marketwatch. In 2018, more than 10 senior staff members left their company.

When Snap named the position of finance director, they also said that they expected the fourth installment to be a fourth; come something better than they thought before.

When the figures reported for the third season amounted to a $ 75 million to $ 100 million in quarter quarter employment. Therefore, they failed to achieve it altogether, but the product is still much better than the expectations of auditors.

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