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So, Drammen – Oslo's most difficult train line at Norway

TOGKAOS: Bus for trains in Drammen January 16, 2018 – the most difficult training day in Norway last year. Photograph: Harald Vikøyr

Nearly one of the four delays and the situation on Norway's last season rose on the Drammen – Oslo route.

From Drammen to Oslo S, the shorter road is only 40 kilometers, according to Bane Nor.

The entire Norwegian rail network is approximately 4000 kilometers long.

Almost only one of the four delays or positions for Norwegian passenger trains last year – 40,662 increase of 168,996 events – in the four miles between Drammen and Oslo, According to the figures VG gained Vision from Bane Nor.

– Half of the trains stopped in Norway with this part. The traffic is close, and many trains have a detrimental effect, which explains the director of the message Thor Erik Skarpen in Bane Nor.

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The old system of signals

Many of the events between Drammen and Oslo are connected to the signal system – what is often called signs of failure.

However, a signal error does not have to be inaccurate with the signal system.

– The error of the concepts is unintelligible. It's a "railroad" and it's a # 39; means that the plant has detected a barrier automatically, such as a rail break or air relief. It gives the red signal for the train. For safety reasons, the section must be checked for errors before the train can run, saying Thor Erik Skarpen.

But he says that old signal systems can be aware of and giving wrong cooperation.

– The current new European ERTMS will be released next year on all railway lines. It gives fewer mistakes, Skarpen says.

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So, the file will stop the trains stop

It is hoped that this year's summer fall will result in the results of travelers between Drammen and Oslo.

– Every summer we are changing newly, but there is still much work to make the railway stronger. In the summer we will close the Drammen line and the Østfold Line for maintenance and new railway construction. It will prevent mistakes and its # 39; the development of passengers, says Skarpen.

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