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SOLUTION , GOLD SOLUTIONS – Pia Tjelta is selected for the first Gullruten for the first time:

These are named after this year's Gold Trail.

11th May, this year Gullruten's cairn in Grieg Hallen in Bergen, and Pia Tjelta have been nominated for the role that the NRK series "Lykkeland". The series has also been named for 'Best Drama Series'.

– This is the first time I have been nominated, so it's very busy, Pia Tjelta says to Nettavisen.

Tjelta has won several awards in recent years, including the best female actor award for her career in Blindsone during the prestigious San Sebastian film festival. Liv Ullmann is the only other Scandinavian island to have won this award.

She also recently won the award for best actor when the Film Judgment Award was awarded in 2019 – also for the role in Blindone.

– Isn't it a bit strange that you haven't named for Gullruten before?

– I wasn't good enough so far, then, laughing at Tjelta and continuing on:

– I haven't mentioned it before, I mean I really value it.

She is delighted that Lykkeland has a warm welcome.

– It's really fun that we have been so interested in the series. And it is fashionable to be mentioned by something as good as it is. But we shouldn't believe that we should ever win any competition. There are also lots of other good people who are mentioned too, Tjelta says.

See all the names at the bottom of the case.

Named for Personal Documentation

Solveig Klooppen was nominated for both Audience Award and “Best Reporter” for the TV series 2 "What I Didn t Say".

The series of personal documentaries made by Kloppen after she has lost her mother and sister within a year.

– We've had a warm welcome and that means a lot when you create such a personal item. It's easy to think that these things are just a matter of concern for oneself, and so it's great to have such a reception, Kloppen to Nettavisen says:

– The feedback has been exceptionally impressive and amazing. Above all, it is expected.

– What does it mean for you personally?

– Just making the series include work. It's good to see that talking about difficult things, doing something for others. I feel that if we are open about the problems we get closer.

SOLVEIG KLOPPEN has been nominated for two routes.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

– The time is right now

The bell is also named for the Audience Award, and he thinks it is a fine idea to be nominated twice.

– It is always foolish. When one is not mentioned, one is of the opinion that there is a “mummy jummy”, but when a man is named, they have a beautiful patch on their shoulders, Kloppen and smile.

– But you have been named before you?

Yes, but I didn't win since 2005. So it's time!


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