Sveaas will win 1 billion.

( Investor Christen Sveaas can be collecting nearly one billion kroner after his / her; The company is already the largest, selling three boats to Canada.

On 10 August last year, it was announced that a company outside the country was managing Viking supply vessels with Christen Sveaas on selling three handbags with Canadian property sales.

Their profit was expressed at $ 274 million, or about NOK 2.4 billion.

Increase price of 500 per cent

As a result, the company division of the shares fell into the Stockholm Stock Exchange under the wing, with over 500 per cent rising in short.

Monday says that the board will distribute a section of SEK 116 to the shareholders as a result of the sale.

In total, SEK 1.1 billion will be distributed, or just over a billion kroner in Norway.

– According to the reorganization agreement with creditors, its debt company will send a & # 39; back bank, which means that a & # 39; company's debt-free growth, the board has a & # 39; writing.

Sveaas is hoping

An important share of the division is suspended to Sveaas, with 78.6 per cent of the sections in Solar Viking through Kistefos.

In addition, he appeared notes about the accounts for the third season Kistefos received a successful fee of SEK 159 million in connection with the sale of ships.

In total, Sveaas has earned nearly one billion NOK sales.

Canadian authorities tried to replace the old ice makers, and maybe they were willing to pay a very good price for counterparts against the Tor Viking, Balder Viking and Vidar Viking.

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