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Test of Samsung Galaxy S10 +

The previous three Galaxy S models have DN at each plate called "the best phone at the moment". But in 2018, Huawei came with two models, the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro, which set up a new standard for mobile camera and battery life. Apple and Samsung have lost many users to Huawei, so the Galaxy S10 competition will be quite different because of the launch of the Galaxy S9. Old formulas are not successful enough to influence them.

Samsung has released four modes of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + is the test.


Samsung has stretched the screen of the Galaxy S10 + to extend 90% cover of the cover. Initial sensations and cameras are now on screen, but are integrated into the right corner. The underwriter branch scanner and ultrasound use are instead of & # 39; flexible scanning. It is a bit slower than the optional scanning, but the solution is more stable and safer and works better than the Huawei's unique mechanical scanner. Combining face-to-face, you will still keep the phone fast. Unfortunately, the scanner is only 2D face and therefore a bit safer.

In the background there are three cameras, eyesight and heart rate examinations. Samsung has also been able to save its & # 39; phones. The phone supports fast induction fee (non-wire tax) and, as a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, it can also produce other non-wire costs.

There is also a type of new screen in the S10 phones. The quality of the image is spectacular and the best ones are found, there is little to say.

The scanner is on the Samsung Galaxy S10 under screen and ultrasound use for scanning.

The scanner is on the Samsung Galaxy S10 under screen and ultrasound use for scanning.
(Photograph: Gunnar Blöndal)


The Galaxy S10 + (and S10) has been plugged into a & # 39; Most of Huawei's headquarters found in mobile cameras last year, but what the best camera will be a dreadful evaluation.

The DxoMark test service carries the Galaxy S10 + the same character as its # 39; Huawei Mate 20 Pro has 109 points. In the Selfie section, they will give the S10 + the best score with 96 points.

Our test on camera has a & # 39; Samsung shows that the AI ​​support has been developed so that you get the right opportunity more often and faster. But S10 + is not as fast as its model analysis as Huawei phones. As a result, Samsung has its assistant to help the user to find the right knife for a picture, in the settings that have a good time.

The three backdrop cameras are quite spacious, spacious and television. An ultra-broader angle offers new opportunities in landscape photography and an overview. On the face there are two self-contained cameras that work together both deeply and wide.

The most challenging thing for moving cameras is dark and it's dark. Samsung has been very good here earlier, but it's now better. There is a half night mode, but this is not always going to turn when you want. In general, this is Samsung's best camera ever, with a good edge. It is near the best of Huawei and what's now interesting to see what Huawei is doing. arriving at the end of March and later this year.

Samsung's sound quality is always good and can use any magic that improves the sound to headlines and listening. The quality of the profession is also good and there is support for today's audio help.


Samsung has been a co-competitive at Apple with the best "stream" of use. Now, the software is even easier and easier than you have ever used to move.

Battery life is fine. During exam time, the phone is from morning to bed, but no longer. Here, practitioners may need to be cut off during the day. The ability is in line with the iPhone, but a good distance behind Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Here, we will ensure that the new energy management of AI is in place; Supporting the user's users on the way, so battery life will be better over time.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has a skimer effect on the back, whatever color you choose.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has a skimer effect on the back, whatever color you choose.
(Photograph: Gunnar Blöndal)


Samsung Galaxy S10 + is very good and good phone. It works completely, it has an amazing exhibition and a very good camera. There is no one to escape from the feeling that they do not. including Huawei's headquarters in some areas and during the year we must assume that Samsung has passed over again. But this is a good model very well beyond any doubt.(Regulations)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and / or our suppliers. We would like to share our issues by using its & # 39; link, which continues directly to our pages. Copying or other means of use of the content or part of the content may only be made after written permission or as is permitted by law. For more words see here.

There are several features that you have never seen before

An unpredictable branch scanner, three cameras and "car drivers" – Huawei Mate 20 Pro is packed with interesting solutions.

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