The space passage on Andøy – Nordland

Monday, 24 September, 2018.

The first complete and fully developed rocket in Norwegian will be launched from Andøya in Nordland. There is a rocket where there is a lot of tension.

Nucleus, as the rocket is called, is due to ten years of Nammo's research. Raufoss's group, which is among other things, making weapons and weapons.

Why does a military maker spend time to & # 39; The development of civilian rockets, we will return to. But if the project succeeds, it will provide renewable opportunities for Norwegian music exploration.

It's a unique rocket. The first one in Europe has fitted with a two-fuel engine that can be used. using energy and hardwood fuel.

The rocket will be fired from a range of rocket burning to the Andøya Spanish Center, five kilometers from Andenes. Although Nammo has developed the engine, And Space Space Center is responsible for the charging.

The person responsible for the battery, where three technical systems are on the test, have the Kolbjørn Blix headquarters.

Blix knows that there is always a danger that it can be wrong. It does not happen frequently, but it has happened that rockets are gone to the ground just after they start. One time he met a few hundred meters from the town. In 1995, the Russians had almost no nuclear war after misunderstanding.

This project has been prestigious. Overseas researchers have said that Norwegian is successful with two-fuel rocket engines.

Now everything is just flown over the web and Andøya has eyes around the globe, it's a cause of nostalgia if it goes wrong.

It's going to run this Monday. Small to launch. Given that there is so much reward, weather must be perfect. They have to let it down.

Due to international know-how, they are on Friday until the event. Will they make clear the date?

– Clean cleanup of the local community

For an outside person, it seems to be a lively place in Andøy. It is the center of a small town in the city; The first thing that meets a man with many small houses from the 1950s.

There are only 5,000 living in the & # 39; a northernmost northerly village, and includes Andøya and parts of Hinnøya – the largest Norwegian island.

The town is marked by the fact that the Armed Forces are the largest place of work in which they are. city ​​for every year. You do not have to look long to find a person in uniform. From the 1950s, the military airplane center became the soccer stone of society.

Here, the Ad Force Survey airfield has a type of Orion based. But then in November 2016, the Storting decided that the airplane should be closed.

A decision to eliminate every five workplaces in the city over the next few years. There are 300 people, or almost 20 per cent of those who are hired, then lost their jobs.

The Conservatives and the Frp were among the parties that supported the closure, and it was the result that local politicians broke by; their own party.

Including politicians Frp and former former John Hempel's van in Sortland.

– It's just what's happening now in our department; happening from the local community. I can not become a member of the government party who proposes closing the airfield station, he said.

The leader of the Tomas Norvoll district in Nordland said the "disastrous" decision for its local community.

– – The Armed Forces is the largest workplace, and Andøy has been a good house for Orion's plane for decades. There will be a change to the town that we did not see before, Norvoll said.

A new hope

It is frightened that the marine study and vacancy have dropped since then greatly on the home. He is in a hurry to rule.

Andøya's Spanish Space Center represents a new hope. New plans have to be handed over to politicians in Oslo on Wednesday, February 20, on the future delivery of citizens' new citizenship and credit.

So far, the launch of search rockets has been particularly the rocket hunting range. Now, there are concrete plans to make a European opening base for the base for small satellites.

This will make Norway as its first country and & # 39; perhaps the only European country that can send satellites in a polar orbit, and corporate governance advertising.

Satellite in a polar orbit will move in globally orbits above earthpools. If the project succeeds, Norway will create a new space as a mission spas, according to its & # 39; Morar Jonni Solsvik (H).

Even the European Spanish Agency (ESA) is a? gaining knowledge of Andøya's experience over time. Julio Aprea in ESA writes the following in an email to NRK:

– Andøya has a great place, known knowledge and infrastructure that makes it unreasonable to think that Andøya has a place to launch small satellite channels in the future.

How is the seagap a remote village getting to date?

General view of Andøya airport station

Research institution & # 39; Norwegian Armored Arms & Founder of Andøya Rocket, as it first grew. It was named the Andøya Spanish Sports Center but in 2014.

Photograph: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

Need more than a billion from politicians

Thursday 27 September. However, Nucleus is not burnt up.

In the Andøya Spa Center, the development engineer Martina Faenza from Nammo also continues to predict the weather.

She is one of those who have been working continuously with the Nucleus rocket in recent years. Much is involved. The destination for hunting up is coming.

There has been an interest in hybrid rocket technology around the globe, and that is why Nammo is dealing with civilian rockets.

The reason is for the interest that technology is more environmentally friendly. The engine is a rocket called the duke name that uses fuel in a hard and tile format.

Development engineer Martina Faenza

Martina Faenza has been working closely with the development of Nucleus for many years.

Picture: NAMMO

It also makes it safer and more dangerous for the launch of the usual rocket, according to the Norwegian Spas Center.

There is only a small number of engine providers, one of the reasons why ESA is interested in technology and is responsible for Nucleus funding.

Using this technology, Norway can bring a new market of smaller satellites that will come out more and more.

If it goes wrong, argues can be less in terms of politicians. They need to achieve more than one billion for their satellite plans. Money that develops resources on a rocket hunting range. The Government hearing can measure the number of employees in the long term. Jobs are very good.

The weather is a little better that day. The countdown can start.

But then it will blow again, and the account is broken. This will be repeated again several times. It's 12 seconds from launching it to the closest.

Martina Faenza stresses the rest of researchers.

Will this be done?

Andøya recognized for space activities

In 1960, Norway decided to enter the "race" to explore a place.

From the outset it was clear that a lock needed to place search rockets where there was a lot of light north. So Northern Norway.

The aim is to produce instruments that can be measured in the upper atmosphere. One suspected that the northern lights were on the short-line communication, which was used at that time.

And Andya and Oksebåsen were able to offer northern light supplies and a suitable place for the rockets burned at the Norwegian Sea.

His first cast was launched in 1962. B & # 39; It was Ferdinand, and here the researchers wanted to; Northern Lights's influence on the ionosphere. So he was watching when NRK filmed the event:

He was an important person; in Odd Dahl to start on the space ride on Andøya. It helped to build its & # 39; first scientific rocket.

In the 1920s he was employed by Roald Amundsen as a pilot, mechanic, telegraph and filmmaker on board the Maud ship.

Today, there are pictures at Andøya Spa Center. It was usually always shown by a cigar in his hand.

Here we will see the engineer of Odd Dahl in an interview in November 1960. He talks about the proposal that he has; Suggest rockets to explore near fields. Two years later, the first rocket is burned by Andøya.

Since then, service provision has been extended to absorb everything from drones, training to hunting areas for the development of an armed military system. It is also the basis for the Ny-Ålesund scientific rockets in Svalbard.

There are over 55 years of knowledge development and 1,300 rocket apps that Andøya will now navigate as a potential starting point for small satellites.

It is a question that he needs; there. Europe has an intermination point for polar rail satailites. In Kourou in French Guiana.

Sweden is based in Kiruna, and its Portuguese is a show a major political commitment in the marketing of the Azores, and E24. Depending on the site, Britain and Germany have been on its own; a member too.

Is Andøya too late?

The last chance

Thursday 27 September. The clock is over 14 and everyone is waiting for the right environment.

It has been an exciting day for researchers. Despite several attempts, the publication has been & # 39; waiting for her.

In total, it cost about 100 million NOK to develop and launch the rocket, so there is no room for error.

The aim of the rocket is to build up to more than 100km.

The engine is detailed in detail and the track calculations made have shown that it should go. But he can never make sure that he works in a real situation.

Then counting them down.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … FIRE!

Many people mourn in the control room. The rocket is nine meters and 800-kilograms reach a height of 107km, and beyond the magic boundaries of the space.

The event is successful in every way. Now, ESA has provided support for further development of the two-fuel technology, and up to the level of the engine.

– It's a rocket rooster that puts satellites up. We see a great deal of ability in space travel and we 're high expectations for the future, "said the engineer of development Martina Faenza to NRK.

– Is this technology capable of military use too?

– It can not be ruled out, like any new technology. But that's not the Nucleus cause or purpose.

Although this mind is being launched, there is still much to do for Andøya Space Center.

An important day for Andøya

It's a very important day on Wednesday 20 February for the CEO Roger Enoksen.

He then delivers the application to the Business and Business Minister to get funding from a base for launching small hostels.

The development in recent years is now that the soldiers are getting smaller. Several have existed, with the result that there is a lack of discharge, according to Enoksen.

– We have a long experience and a good position that makes Andøya a special place to kill soldiers, Enoksen is a believe.

It is ESA supported. They write in an email to NRK that there is a large extension in the & # 39; small satellite market. Demand is increasingly bigger on & # 39; a satellite launch with less than 100 kilograms.

– It's a huge investment that we talk about, about 1.3 billion. Without inevitable ineffective inequality, this will not be possible.

– You have competitors with an aggressive agenda. Will you have access to commercial buyers?

– Of course, we would not do this. This is a market in wild growth. In practice, the Rocket Lab in New Zealand is the only place to do this.

– Yes, you have a base in French Guiana, but it wants a bigger satellite. What we want is to emphasize the loss of satellites below 1,000 kilos.

How good is a Scandinavian sporting business? attending

Elise Oftedal in NIFRO

Eline Oftedal at the Norwegian Spam Forum believes that the satellite launches on Andøya is an important step for the Norwegian sports industry.

Photograph: Karl Jørgen Marthinsen

It is a person that influences the Norwegian sports industry Eline Oftedal. She is a leader of the Norwegian Business Forum for Sports Functions (NIFRO).

Oftedal may indicate that Norway has had a steady increase in recent years. Last year, there was a change in the space industry of the NOK 8 billion.

The Norwegian sports industry includes everything from a & # 39; Launches to parts and supplies to satellites, to make money from satellite data.

Everything in the development of fast technology, she tells.

– The development is largely a continuation of the growth we see in international space businesses – and this is because Norway's sporting activities are sells everything in the European and international market.

For Andøya Sports Center staff it's a really interesting time.

– Crying

Inside one of the buildings associated with the rocket shooting range, Kim-Roar Herseth works with telemetry.

Telemetry means a sense of isolation. He is the person who cares about the data as he should. The data from the rocket is captured by the antennas, stored and distributed.

He worked on a range of rocket hunting in 2011, after completing education in Narvik.

– I like the sound. He is hanging down and there is a very high level here when he was launched, he said.

It looks like a spacecraft, with every instrument. And it's fast to include technical information. Herseth is always interested in technology.

– You're enjoyable and weird when it comes to launching. A & # 39; The first time it was almost difficult to hit the buttons as a man was in a position; hung like that.

Analyzing different parts of the atmosphere

Ingrid Hanssen shows NRK in which the control center is. Here there are only staff when she starts, she tells.

– We will pull up rockets with one angle and one side. So we do not control those when they are first released.

– It's not a spacecore. So we do not say "Houston, we have a problem" when it goes wrong, she is shouting.

She had no plan to work with space technology. But then she discovered how fun and physics was. A man gave to the other, and now she is a leader of ALOMAR's section. The research center at the top of Ramnan's hill.

Ingrid Hanssen is a department leader at ALOMAR

Ingrid Hanssen expects a number of high tech jobs in Andøy.

Photograph: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

– I hope that we can launch troops soon. This will allow the town to attract people with a strong capacity.

In another part of the base, Geir Lindahl holds on the maintenance pay liability, researching.

The rockets explore different parts of the atmosphere up to a place. The research can be very useful, for example, climate contexts.

– It's amazing that we have come to date that we have begun to think about the soldiers. It's big and I have a religion.

– As far as the market there, it will be right.

So there are big plans at the Andøya Spa Center, and the Norse aspirations are not included in the Vikings. map of international excellence.

NASA has already visited them here at the end of last year to kill rockets.

If everything is done according to their plan, it can be & # 39; first satellite launch in late 2020.

It all depends on how the government receives the billionaire request from Andøya.

Pick a rooster at Andøya airport station

– We are not specially able to do research, but to & # 39; help universities and others to put their instruments into rockets. Then we're pulling them up, Geir Lindahl says.

Photograph: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

Animation shows what happens when the rocket climbs up to the room. This is the Andøya Sports Center for more than fifty years. Animation: Spond Trond Abrahamsen / Andøya Center.

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