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There was heavy street pressure with a lower street wall

There was a mixed feeling on the SA stock exchange on Tuesday. It happens after a big rise on Monday.

On Tuesday, the order for the orderly survival of all permanent peasants in the US showed a lot stronger than expected in February. This may have helped to strengthen the markets.

“We have come to a stage where we need to add new evidence to raise this market,” said Art Hogan of National Securities.

Dow Jones fell 0.30 per cent to 26,179.13 points.

9 of the 30 categories listed rose.

The draftsman was today's Walgreens Boots, who fell by 12.81 per cent. This happens after the company delivers quarterly figures that were worse than expected. In addition, the company has reported the income estimates for 2019.

The huge reduction in index reduction has helped.

At the top of the winning list we will get Apple, which increased 1.45 per cent.

Otherwise, Nike and Walmart fell 1.01 and 0.90%, respectively.

Nasdaq rose by 0.25% to 7.848.69 points.

Facebook climbed 3.28% in the modern trade. An alphabet (Google) spent 0.56 per cent.

Amazon fell completely remote with 0.01% to $ 1,814.

Tesla ended 1.15 per cent, and the cannabis company Tilray rose 1.25%.

The Loft car share service rose 0.12 per cent to $ 69.09. The company was registered last year at $ 72 per section.

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The S&P 500 did not change at 2,867.24 points.

Delta Airlines climbed 6.11 per cent after the company managed to build their income during the first quarter.

Baker Hughes fell 3.09 per cent

The VIX index fell 1.49 per cent to 13.20 points.

Oil prices rose and oil prices reached its highest price since November.

Both levels fell short and short. A 2-year-old age fell by 3.6 basis to 2.302 per cent.

The population fell by 10-years and 30-years 2.7 and 0.9 respectively, and now reaches 2,474 and 2,881%.

The gold price rose by 0.09 per cent to $ 1.295.40.

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