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"They went to the enemy" t

Imagine Apple is killing the competition because it is tough.

Spotify chief Daniel EK speaks for the first time that the Apple complaints company has been submitted to the European Union.

This lecture was given at a speech at the International Conference on Competition in Berlin.

Requesting 30 per cent

Sweden's big power complains that Apple makes an unfair competition when they ask for 30 per cent of the sales in the App Store.

– We call this 30% distribution for income – competition tax. Apple's ideas about Spotify became more natural after buying a merger service and launched Apple Music. But so far we have felt that we have no choice, Ek said.

Normally subscription charges are $ 9.99 a month, which is equivalent to Apple Music. But it's for this reason that Spotify is fond of Apple: if the Swedish company offered Spotify at the same price in the App Store, all of the Swedes would only leave $ 6.99 after Apple the take some of the cakes.

Free subscription is available free of charge through the App App

Everything has come to an end with Spotify that it doesn't allow users to register Premium subscription through the App Store.

– As we all know, the iOS and App Store are the only way we can offer our service to people using iPhone or iPad. There are over a billion people in the world. So it is not an option for themselves or other competitive services at the time we live. Apple doesn't know this, Ek says.

He believes that Spotify will have to increase prices, which means they will not be competitive.

– If we want to use Apple's payment method to renew our customers to Premium, we need to pay 30% of taxes. That means we are not competitive because we have to increase the price. Apple will, again, avoid this fee and it can offer Apple Music at a lower, more attractive price. This is especially damaging for a company like our person, who already pays a large proportion of our income to record companies and music publishers, say Spotify boss, before it comes to ending with the following summer:

– It is as if inviting a game of ping pong and then supporting you to play with your eyes, as we change the rules on the way.


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