This is a battle match against the Titanfall chairman

As the weekend says, Respawn Entertainment has introduced a new royale game to the Titanfall globe. The game is called Apex Legends, it is free to play and is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can see a trailer for its game in the video window above.

Team-based games

Players fight for this island. Photograph: EA

Although many of the details that were released before proofing of the advertisement, Respawn had saved some surprise. For example, Apex Legends is a team-based knowledge, informing the developer in the first news release for his / her. game.

20 teams of three players start games on a small island with different lands and different buildings. You have to choose between eight different characters – or Stories because they are listed in the game – each with unique game capabilities and style. As the facts are praised, there is no fence for searching on the # 39; battle.

In addition, Respawn promises a variety of innovative elements, such as the ability to select just where the team wants to start the island before the battle begins. With what is called Respawn Beacon, players also have the chance to return from the dead.

According to the developer Cooperate the key to success in this game, based on its & # 39; A concept that is easy to learn, but difficult to persist.

It's a Titanfall game in Apex Legends without typing. Photograph: EA

– Our goal is to achieve every game that players should come to the knowledge with a plan, but one goes back with a story. We're building a game that's not just a & # 39; provides a fun starter and entertaining service, but we can build a long time to come, CEO Drew McCoy said.

Despite another date for a pic?

Just what a wonderful one is to be a challenge, a & # 39; Think about the game's start day. Many have queried the decision to let the game be so close to Anthem, another of the major EA initiatives.

Titanfall 2, the previous game in the series, was linked between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Warless Warfare, and it has never been successful that game reviews have been able to e.

The Star Wars game is also on.
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