Three young people killed by a brutal cat

There are three teenagers in the Bergen District Court who are responsible for losing and losing a cat. The youth has a group weight.

Young people, two daughters and a boy, should have made the cat worse worse after they have been caught in a sack, and Bergensavisen writes. Then, the teenagers will be drowned; cats in the sea after completing a & # 39; sack with stones.

– The three young people have explained differently and claim that they have been open to the weight of their peers. They depend on each other, and none of them depend on them, Alasdair Sele said in the Police District.

Sele says that there is a video that has a photocopy; showing aspects of abuse. Young people are responsible for the breach of animal welfare law. The boy is also responsible for the destruction and destruction of hedgehogs.

– I looked at case law in this area a bit, and we do not have many similar issues. Here, there is a talk about a large breach of animal welfare law. First, punishable by imprisonment will be unlimited. Since they are under 18, we will consider other options such as youth continuity or youth punishment, says Sele.

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