Today it is 50 years since the Boeing 747 was launched for the first time

Boeing 747 is the plane even identifying those who do not have a plane interest completely. One of the largest aerial images, if not the largest ones.

Today, February 9, it is 50 years since Jumbojet gave the wings for the first time.

Boeing already knew when the prototype arrived at the Pine Range after a successful mermaid had a good source of great potential. But he can only believe the optimists that the plane would still be in fifty years later.

Under 16 months

One of the most spectacular things is when it goes through the history of the plane type as soon as everything has been done at this time. It was as far as April 13, 1966, that Boeing names plans to build a new factory. It was only one year for the redesigned forest in Everett, north of Seattle northwest of the United States, to a business place.

Boeing boss Bill Allen and Pan Am's chief president Juan Trippe at the strategic event for Boeing 747 in 1968. Picture: Boeing

The prototype of 747-100 began in September 1967. So it took less than 16 months to make "Queen of the Air" ready for its first flying. But then the resources were not saved either. They were named "The Incredibles", who added this 50,000 men and women (see video below).

On September 30, 1968, its first 747 aircraft were distributed and shown for its & # 39; first time. It was only two years before Boeing built a hundred copies of the long way. It was a wonderful production level that thought this was a completely new type of plane.

Because it's important not to & # 39; forgetting that the jet planes were still young in 1969. Then it was only 11 years since the American Pan started on the feral driver Boeing 707. Commander Pan Am Juan Trippe ensured that 25 copies should be ordered by Jumbojet while The plane was only on the & # 39; board draws, and indeed, it became a freekeeper. The first passenger voyage with its # 39; Boeing 747 was completed on January 2, 1970. The trip from New York to London.

The story about "The Incredibles"

Part of a year

"A bigger, faster and better choice" was the tough requests of straightforward airlines that Jets had over the 60's. 747 were started at a time when ticket prices were on the road down and traffic was on the other road. Shortly before, Boeing had launched the CX-HLS weapon transport planes to Lockheed, and so on. building C-5A Galaxy. Part of the development work, particularly what was about "highway" technology, ie more efficient engines that make more of a plane outside its foundation, will take place in a & # 39; 747 project.

Boeing's balloon, Bill Allen, decided to build something larger than instead of folders to continue to & # 39; expanding and developing their designs; already.

So, when the four Pratt & Whitney JT9D tools started on this Sabbath, it was on a plane that could accommodate 490 passengers in addition to as well as previous b707 products.

The jumbo jet is not a & # 39; First double double plane, but on the other hand its first wide plan, ie with two passes in the cabin ("broadbody"), something that's going on; Most of today's long-distance planes.

SAS was going to Boing 747 to 1987. Photo: SAS

Only 747 was the largest passenger plane in the world when it was finished, but also the final collection center itself had a record. When it was finished, this was the largest building in the world that was measured in size with 5.6 million cubic meters. In 1978, the factory was extended to handle the treatment of the new 767 and in 1991 another extension for 777. 787 began in 2006.

The person who had an interest in the air had a winter win in 1969. For one month after the Jumbojet's innings there was another plane image in the air for the first time, & # 39; It is without Aérospatiale / BAC Concorde. This happened in Toulouse on 2 March. However, the supersonic plane had a harder test record, and it did not start passenger transport until 1976.

The main space and airfield projects were lacking in 1969. It is enough to report the date of July 20. This is a & # 39; A year that was going to fly and space. Boeing 747 with passenger capacity, Concorde with its distance and Apollo 11 who put people to their room for their " first time.

From 747-100 to 747-8

In the past 50 years, many of the changes and versions of Jumbojet have been made. A simple overview can be given as follows:

After this year after the 747-100 was commissioned by Pan American, 747-200 came with more powerful devices that expanded the range to 5,600 seagulls with 440 passengers aboard.

In 1983, 747-300 were used. There was an expanded enhanced slab and increased passenger capacity with a better range.

By 747-400, implemented in 1989, the second generation of Jumbojet passed, including glass pipes, new tools and wings. The wingspace was 64 meters with a height of 1.8 meters "wings" on wings wings. In the 2000s, 747-400ER, which grew to 7,670 miles (14,205km).

The first B747-400, from KLM, is & # 39; land of Schiphol in the Netherlands on May 19, 1989. Photograph: ALBERT OVERBEEK

Much of the technology developed in program 787 came to be when the third generation 747 was built, the one called 747-8 I / F ("interactive" / "guardian "). The eight numbers have been included in the name just for their relationship with the 787 new Dreamliner, and # 39; including GEnx-2B engines that were hung under the wings called "black nuts". The product convert can add an additional 16% than it was before. There is a room at 747-8I for 51 extra passenger seats and 26% larger than 747-400.

Boeing 747-8 with B787. Picture: Boeing

747-8 was launched in 2005, and the freight and passenger turnover was scheduled for the first time in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Clan and lasers aboard

There are several changes that can be named. Pan Am Bread & # 39; The first one who used draft SP ("Special Outstanding"), which was the shortest version with the best range that was then. It was very good when a & # 39; company, for example, enter a youth game in the New York Tokyo box and reduce travel time for nearly four hours.

Endeavor ends behind NASA Shuttle Transportation aircraft in 2012. Photograph: NASA

There are even 747 that are rarer and more specific. Two came after Nasa was employed in 1974 on Boeing to build "Transport Shuttle Vehicles" and was ready for a space space three years later.

In 1990, the new President George H.W. introduced a new new Air Force, changed 747-200B. Bush.

On August 17, 2006, the first of the four 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter (LVF), known as Dreamlifter, was ready. These are used to carry major parts to the 787 Dreamliner from subcontractors to the final collections in Everett and Charleston, South Carolina.

Dreamlifter to carry her wings to B787 from Japan May 15, 2007. Photograph: Elaine Thompson

The type of aircraft has been a platform for more reasons than the flat and flat cabin, president and president. Since 1999, 747-400F was reconstructed to carry a large chemical laser. YAL-1 was designed for Laser Airborne Laser Scotland (ABL) Program aimed at destroying the ballistic ballad during construction. The plane was ready until the end of 2006 and carried out successful trials before its program was suspended and the plane ended in 2012 at the Arizona Air Clay.

747 in the SAS fleet

SAS ad in Teknisk Ukeblad 12 October 1978.

Travelers Travelers in Norse 747 had good opportunities to try from the first move. SAS was among the former jet users and got two 747-200B in the autumn of 1971. When Boeing in December 1980 indicated that they delivered the number B747 500, he owned the SAS "Dan Viking" device as a key part.

Jumbo jets were actively used in marketing. "Today's prices, America's journey does not have to be a dream," said SAS in TU in June 1978. Oslo-New York return ticket, which delivered at least 22 days & # 39; long and bought at least two months before it cost NOK 3,065. This corresponds to about 14,000 NOK today. SAS 747 had to be saved from Gardermoen, this was 20 years before OSL opened, and established the "New York" bus flight from Fornebu.

SAS ad in TU number 51, November 28, 1977.

Other adverts were focused on their business community and told about the 747 Combi cars that had a wide freight door and that there were a variety of products and passengers with goods behind the passengers on main menu. He also gave the opportunity to change a variety of goods and passengers after the seasonal times.

SAS, for example, traveled between Norway and the US with a potential of 205 passengers in the winter and 275 travelers in the summer. In 1980, SAS identified its first deficit since the early 1960s, and in 1987 the five jumbo boats were out of their & # 39; fleet. It's the only way to fly from Norway to the Northwest (NWA, which now forms part of Delta).

Rated even more 747

Boeing talks about his plans for the 80s (Teknisk Ukeblad November 28, 1977).

Although Teknisk Ukeblad had a very broad coverage of an airship business, and we may not have been very well on our website; when he came to Jumbojet and his first year. We did not have any issues on the first plane or when the type of aircraft was implemented.

But in 1977 we talked to Boeing about the future. Then, the expanding plane manufacturer ("piece") of 747 saw a rum for around 750 travelers and was to be completed in the 1980s. Boeing also spoke about 7N7 and 7X7 that came to 757 and 767 thereafter and did not. do more.

A new version of two passenger platforms across a plane was considered, but it was not completed. This concept was taken out before the Toulouse competition in Toulouse with its 380 Airbus.

Lufthansa Boeing 747 found a number 1,500 on 28 June 2014. Photograph: Katie Lomax / Boeing Photographe

By the end of 2018, 1,548 copies of Boeing 747 were completed. One eleven years of 747 number 1,400 was delivered, so some people in the production, or the place of the demand, have been. After all, Boeing 500 built in eleven eleven.

On 28 June 2014, 747 1,500 out of the factory and was delivered to loyal customers of Boeing, Lufthansa, as their number 747-8I. This made 747 of the first extensive planes that passed on; milestone. Since then, the Boeing 777 has passed through five hundred hundred hundred copies, and also comes to Airbus 330.

The big flies came – and they went … (Technical Week Magazine Number 26, July 23, 1992).

Most recently, the passengers have a significant impact on the recent four-engine giants, where both B747-8 and A380 have lost their enjoyment and loss Improved performance with their most effective coupled couple options such as B777 / 787 and A330 / 350.

The A380 production line can sing on the latest version after just 11 years of work, and the small number of 747-8 that is now built by the freight.

New president planes in 2024

We see Jumbojet for many years yet. Not only in the classic blue light decision. Boeing has a long tradition for this type of post.

Boeing 747 with President Barack Obama arriving at Havana on 20 March 2016. Photograph: ALBERTO REYES

Ultimately in January 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt was sent to the Casablanca conference with Winston Churchill at Boeing 314 Clipper. In 1962, the first Boeing 707-320B, which was & # 39; First Jet Air Force with jet devices, first used by John F. Kennedy and subsequently with six other chiefs.

Donald Trump's airplane currently commissioned by Ronald Reagan and used by George H.W. Bush, September 6, 1990. These are two B747-200Bs made exclusively, which are the US Air Force called VC-25A, with tail numbers 28000 and 29000. This is when the US President aboard those aircraft, and so far another plane will receive the "Air Force One" citation.

At the end of the summer of 2017, the United States Air Force Agreement, two two Boeing 747-8, previously built two-storey, would have been converted and ready for service by 2024.

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