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PARIS (PressFire.no): It's been seven months since New York fell, and now the whole United States is holding its screens. Washington DC Capital has collapsed, where civilization pockets are struggling to keep the fighting and the rugs out.

As a representative of the Department of Stragic Homeland, aka The Division, it is our job to go to; Enter your home address, & # 39; organize a serving group, and return to & # 39; town – one block at the same time.

So, less than three years after we have been releasing New York to "The Division" Ubisoft is as fast as possible with the sequence. So, I went to Paris to test a start-up and start-up "The Division 2" and a French coffee taste.

And after five hours in front of the PC screen, I can say to the heart that the game is much better than the black butter that was given to me.

Cold rooms

Ubisoft has invited me to experience Washington without law on her. body. In a deserted and treacherous parking garage in the center of the urban city center of Paris, they have made caravans, barracks, mobile plant gardens and everything that belongs to a post-apocalyptic world.

The air is cold in ice, and we have to stop the heaters so that they do not get scary. A small bar cafe that serves decorated hipster food to look like what we can do is to do with it; expecting the people who live on it and the ruins of our community. In total, a perfect framework for a "The Division 2" test.

I get a vegetable soup full of oak in the cardboard mollus, with a broccoli on its newborn, I can split, and some of the skin bice are just like biting without fresh springs. Attended to & # 39; best soccer reduction goals in a French cup of French coffee.

There are two types of coffee beans – a more expensive woman and aromatic arabica, and a strong and sour woman. And unfortunately, the French describe the last ones, as 67 million residents of the nation want to; live in a general psychosis that will split a & # 39; their soundtrack.

If the post apocalypse also means we need to give proper coffee pockets, think it's so easy to shut up the lights for humanity.

Since the other type is a tea or a soft slug, I'll go to it; Moving with empty hand to a room full of flu, which is covered in strange and blurred light – such as children's metals on their slot machines today.

Biker Beard

On the screen there is a general generator of generator in which I can choose my character and look at it. The options are very limited, but I have been used as this is not often a high priority area in the early versions of the game as the only thing I can play.

After a man has been created by a raw beekeeping, the game falls to me just outside the White House. This is where we complete their teaching tutoring; game when the game is fully opened for the 15th March this year.

The old president-seat seated by a group called The Hyenas, is the only way to deal with them with balls and blood. The balls are the fastest, and the blood.

As before, the village is divided into four friends, where the Hyenas are offenders without training that works as guns at the beginning of their long game & they still learn how things are working.

At the end we'll Meet other friends called Outcasts, True Sons and Black Tusks. The last ones appear late in a story; game, and is a major enemy of playoffs content to play.

Good game tools

Three hyenas raised with scary guns preventing the shoulders that dropped the way to the last house in the distance. I will include the back cover of cars and its shipwreck. cost the gun. One is headed by one chief, and the other two are swallowed with a gas appliance flags that; grow when I burn.

Motions and emotional appliances are very similar to the & # 39; The first "The Division" from 2016, with a wide focus on covering covers on walls and objects in the world of its game and to play, continues to look for the best places to serve swine banks.

There is little to remember that this is a very fashionable multi-migratory game, as the basic motions and the hunting experience are totally compared to the most detailed single sets. The weapons are a heavy, good and precise feeling of the mouse, which makes it a pleasure to go to; brought into the end of the enemy.

Slowly, but in fact I work meters with a meter, and Hynea is like Hyena's body, against the White House. The game is very similar to its & # 39; The first "The Division", where Washington's ruin was replaced by Washington that has allowed the spread of natural distribution beyond that.

Access all features away

Finally, I will end in the location, and # 39; I can take pride in getting into the old United States power plant. This is my headquarters for my other work in Washington, as the post office was abandoned working in the original game. By capturing special characters during the history of the history, and updating the different wings in the house, my scenes become better in the field.

In fact, I am updating options as early as the game, but Master of the Fourth is a Give me a chance to have my first land. It is now now that all the features are available from the beginning, so I can already do the instructions I need to do.

I select a specific type of gramade, which is a. searching for the nearest enemy and spreading several small explosions around in a large area. In total for bringing out larger groups of enemies.

Later on during the game session, I will also make another feature, where I'll go. Let them fire a gun that cleanses my enemies and their enemies will disguise me; Removing their focus when I go out to put grace in grace.

With so many cool resources to choose, I'm thinking that a & # 39; Most of us have features that can respond directly to our favorite game style.

Street Door in Washington

Having made a master of the people who have survived and have a broad overview of the situation in the # 39; The capital is the time to go out to Washington streets to fight the fight.

After a few steps into the town, I can describe how big this world is. Ubisoft has been carved all of Washington DC on a 1: 1 scale, with streets, buildings, famous landmarks and everything. This is a form of supernatural certainty that I can enjoy.

However, since this is the original home, I do not know. My relationship with Washington DC is largely a part of what I saw in the "House of Cards" series and the "Fallout 3" game. But there is another of the other journalists to prove their game stating that she has been in the & # 39; town and is well aware of it.

The streets also feel that much more is there; live here than in the first "The Division". Cars are expressed, temporary carved metal carving has been fixed, and I can see scenes of pre-apocalypse-Washington resources behind metal scrap and metal scrap.

Around every street corner, I also fall into problems between livelihoods and Hyenas.

However, it's upsetting how long the glow feeling will work here. In the original game, remember & # 39; I least felt that I was always tired to be dragged into such a battle when I was there; move from one area to another.

Visual non-soundtrack

On the other hand, on the other hand, there is not enough to give me a chin here. Although the world has been greatly enhanced since it was before, with lightweight impact, flames and explosion, look somewhat watery.

Because they keep some of the power back in the bling-bling machine that I am doing; play to make the consoles, this should be played on the shame.

But as a result, the environments are much more interesting than the rest of New York that was covered with snow and moved into the former one. The game world is distributed by details, such as plants that are in the world. climbing on car walls and bricks, and air-conditioned newspapers, makes it more interesting.

Whatever I miss from the first one, on the other hand, the lines are essential where I used data from the surrounding cameras and sound recordings to make a picture of the time – in spirit good "Batman: Arkham". However, if this is something that the developers have left out, or is not it; appearing as early as the game, I do not know.

The first page forecasts of the page were simple, but they did not; long to get exercise again. My opinion in "Section 2" is, on the other hand, that they have had an extra focus of focus and now. I have one test that has a long and rich trip in an old hotel, full of voice activities and a variety of cool and surrounding rooms.

If the browsers of this page keep the level across the game, Ubisoft is one of my big problems.


At its main goal, I'll go to; ends on the roof of one of Washington's buildings. A small community of googguys has gathered there to keep pace on the streets from a distance.

By making criteria beside them, these small communities are upgraded and they are going to be updated. pay back by bringing the benefits of the headquarters to White House in terms of recruitment, equipment and additional resources.

This will be a good motivation for these communities to be updated – but we hope that those who want to give us in extra work will not be harmful if we do not. Feeling that they are feeling they are & # 39; a solution to all residents.

Anyway, the head of the body will send me to one of the first dunks; game. A hospitable hotel has been converted by Hyena bands and is designated as a non-growing plague. After I have been burned through hotel corridors for a while, it will all come to an end to the top of the hotel.

These first steps in "Section 2" were a fun and engaging experience. But I am also aware that the learning loop is not as tight as I hoped to be as early as the trip, when I sometimes went into situations that do not need to go to it. first four stages of the game.

For familiar players, I think it's OK to meet a wall from time to time. need some extra effort. But players may fear more modern Division, unless Ubisoft is trying to balance this in the upcoming beta tests or provide a leading and up-to-date set of training. game.


After a short break, and after killing my memory with a protected raspberry juice, it's back to the fire. Ubisoft's hard-working helpers have taken the person away from the ├╝berkule bidding league, which is a very helpful place for him – one of the three new specialist classes at his / her. game.

These specialized, surviving, preparatory and sharpshooter classes, are part of the "The Division 2" playoff content. They come along, and not in a place, the figure we've already done – such as spice as well as the place we want to play.

Along with Norway and two Spaniards, I went into one of the three main venues of their game. We walk through the ruin of the National Museum of the River and Spatial Museum, the famous museum all over the world, including Apollo 11 displays, and climbing down Black Tusk troops to the # 39; come from both sides.

Although the Spanish is clear that the Department did not play much before, the interaction works well. Motions and rulers sit as a battle, and I'm getting a long while & # 39; We are working slowly through different hunting scenes.

I get the same feelings I got when I played a coop in a series of games such as "Halo" and "Gears of War". And that's a lot.

Ubisoft talks about something

Together with the world's battles open against the Black Tusks, and the Dark Sweater's face-play player, I think Ubisoft is really true in something here.

This is a playoff game that I think many players play; Getting involved, where the original "The Division" was believed a bit anam after the main story was made.

Despite her & # 39; bad coffee, the trip to Paris has ensured that I'm looking forward to going to # 39; test the entire "Section 2" when it comes to 15 March. Ubisoft seems to have been trying to find out what was going on. making his original game so appealing, but at the same time he embraced criticism of the adventurous campaigns at his & game and lack of play.

The Division can play a unique player and a play-winning game, together with a competent measure of Norwegian incompetent coffee, to be a good post-apocalyptic play experience in the ruins of Washington.

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