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Unhealthy protein may not be

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Protein Powder (

BIAN BIA: If you have a different meal, you will usually get more and more proto.

a legendary protein

Many people get a lot of stress to build muscles, especially boys. Many think that the route to large muscles and interpretation is easier if you can take protein.

We see protein powder in every place. At the center of fitness, online, among social media bloggers, visiting the corner of the street and in a sports shop. If you are hungry for outdoors, it is often easier to get a protein bar than full flour.

Advertising hidden

It may not be well known when bloggers write about profit developments, they may be able to; Receive money for writing about these materials. A number of websites with training tips are the marketing channels for protein recreation. In other words, enough of what you're reading is hidden. With the help of bloggers, magazines and other training guides, protein poles and sports nutrition in a short time they have become a valuable business.

Common foods provide enough protein

The fact is that it is easy to deal with the protein requirements by eating simple food. Even if you are </ i>; Generating muscles, you get enough protes by eating regular foods.

In using physical activity and nutrition information, it can be difficult to know what you're going to achieve the results you want to achieve. Here is one example:

A 16-year-old boy of 65 kg must be 72 grams of protein daily (1.1 grams per kg of body / day weight). If he eats two rough yards with yellow cheese and drinks a glass of milk for breakfast and he eats a chicken sheet with half broccoli and for a dinner, he got the protein requirement.

… also for athletes

Athletes, indeed, have increased protein requirements. Now, most of the lads will be eat more than this in one day, so they are likely to take much more protein than these two foods. Most people eat lunch and maybe some foods, and so they'll eat. get more than enough protas to meet physical and physical activity needs. Most people have a Get the need for protein through regular food.

There are also some young people who choose to be able to; Increasing food instead of eating food. In that case, they will not add to all nutrients in food. Not only for athletes, it is important that there is a different food to meet the need for <span class = "dictionary_popover" data-content = "fertilize

Common materials are & nbsp; materials included with body & nbsp; and who & nbsp; supply & nbsp; energy, add to & nbsp; keeper & nbsp; life & nbsp; or are the growth fractions.

"> Mathachadh.

What is the gunpowder?

If you choose to buy profitable improvements, it is important to think about where you can get protein, weight pressure and creatine. In particular, products that are banned and damaging products sold from some online sources.

The time in the protein is to be killed. Save the money you spend on protein powder, and use the place to buy good food that contains both protons and other nutrients that are needed on their body too.

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