Venke Knutson – He put the recordings forward and it was "across" the best of Norway. She will do this now

At the beginning of the 2000s Venke Knutson (40) had the charts in Norwegian with songs such as "Panic", "Scared", "Kiss" and "Just a Minute". It was thought to be one of Norway's best performing arts, and it seemed that he loved the media as she was with the fans.

In 2010 she also participated in Melodi Grand Prix, where she moved to the finals in Norway, and in 2013 she surprised her paper in her; Dance program "Dannsa" together with Kathrine Sørland (38), Eli Hagen (71) and Pål Anders Ullevålseter (50).

But then the silent sailor disappeared slowly but certainly from the hill.

A new whole vision

Unlike the famous six-year old life, Knutson has taken a bigger role in the past few years.

At the PARKET: Come Knutson on parquet fo
ON PARLIAMENT: Come Knutson on the parquet under "Should We Dance" in 2013. Picture: NTB Scanpix
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POPULAR ARTIST: Wake Knutson at the Spellemann Award in 2009. Picture: NTB Scanpix
PERSONAL ARTIST: Wake Knutson at the Spellemann Award in 2009. Picture: NTB Scanpix
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In 2015, Knutson started up the Poprommet school, which today has been up to 400 students divided into three categories in Oslo, Ås and Bodø.

– It was a bit bigger than I saw myself. So now, the division is suddenly with many students and tutors well. Le Poprommet I work with music in a very different way – create a vision for many others, Knutson tells She and Hør.

Chateau Neuf is the first show of the "The Wizard of Oz" theater in Oslo that we will meet in the most southerly country. There she joins her husband, Thomas Vold, who was married since 2008, and the two children Vilma (9) and Wold Villas (7).

TOBARNSMOR: Come Knutson with her daughter Vilma and her son MSP at the first show of the drama show
mother two: Wonder Knutson with her daughter Vilma and her son at the first show of the drama show "The Wizard of Oz" last week. Photograph: Andreas Fadum / Se and Hør
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– It's a time for everything that goes on; there. I've been fortunate to have worked with music for many years, and then it's really great to get the job in a slightly different way, "said Knutson.

New plans

Even with a family life, which is a long time for Knutson, and a highly successful music school, there are several members of the air at the age of 40.

– I just started what I'm calling a junk cup. It is a small move against our loneliness, but we are calling people to move for conversation and inclusion, Knutson says.

– It's just a small cup, green that surrounds in cafes and so on. When you buy something for a drink, you can choose to drink it – and then you will give it to others that you can talk to someone, and explain Knutson.

According to Knutson, the aim of his / her rubbish is to be & # 39; creating a low offer for people to communicate with each other.

– There are so many people who want to talk more to people, but then we'll sit and go. reduced in our mobile phones. We forget to see anyone around us, and do not want to be alone. Then the junk cup can be very useful.

The Venke Knutson initiative has started completely by itself.

– You have to do things yourself, she says to smile.

Design conversion

Although the "Just a Minute" singer has given more or less to the artist's role, she does not forget that she has considered reintroduction as an artist.

– Yes, the tank has hit me, Knutson says foolishly.

– When I'm ready for that and if something new is told, I'll do it. I'm thinking … When I'm 55, then a sick insulation comes. Then I'm very smart and cool. He will be a very good plock, she says and laughs.

However, it does not come first. Initially she has to finish the projects she has already started.

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