– We allow too much

DUELL: Kari Brattset and Katrine Lunde at EM in December. Shathairne Night, Györs Brattset won his seven attempts against the Viper's keeper. Photograph: Bjørn S. Delebekk

(Györ-Vipers Kristiansand 33-29) The national team Kari Brattset (27) was a star for his Gyor, and Vipers Kristiansand had to leave Hungary with zero.


Gyor has won the final of the European League and won three of the last five. The Vipers stood with five direct advantages in the European League, but they would stand behind a wonderful handball if they were to hit the campaigns that were going on. ruled.

So the team was a popular home, but Ole Gustav Gjekstad's daughters did not have anything. The game appeared many times it was set up, but Vipers came up and created a new enjoyment. The last result was 33-29 to Györ.

Østfoldingen Kari Brattset has made a fight, but against Vipers it was a great deal. Seven visits in seven turns are saying very much.

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– This is a high quality, attractive games. So, Crina Pintea is sitting on her bend, Frode Kyvåg as a Viasat expert.

Györ also had other Norwegian daughters who were also aware of him. Kari Aalvik Grimsay had been a 31-year-old and was again the center of the Hungarian star team.

– We met a good handball team, and I'm glad that we are doing so well, Ole Gustav Gjekstad to VG says.

– We allow too much, it says about the many Brattset aims.

Gyor was led by 19-14 during breaking. The Hungarians were at eighteen-eighteen leaders at 18-10, but the southern people had a strong time and took three goals.

The home team lost three penalties in the first half. The first storytelling story by Anita Görbicz and Stine Oftedal Bredal was the third. The keeper of the skipper Katrine Lunde showed that she is good in the cast.

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But on the other side of the road, Kari Aalvik built a lot of Grims who were creating grims. She read the team member of the team, Jørum Sulland formally, and so the Vipers player was involved in just two of six attempts in the first half.

The Norwegian team came out nine goals behind the second half, but they suddenly had a pickup of three goals behind them.

But then, the stars of Gyor decided to raise themselves so that the pipers can not bring them again.

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At most, the guidance was on nine goals, and Vipers were three of the best.

– This is a team that has been played in the top of Europe in recent years, said Frode Kyvåg about Vipers. He praised Ole Gustav Gjekstad's innovative arrangements.

Malin Aune's remote player was at the heart of Vipers with five goals in seven turns. Linn Jørum Sulland was a main tourist with eight goals. Sunniva Næss Andersen was a fascinating wonder with five in six shots.

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