Norwegian Jumping Drama: – You did not understand this at all


Andreas Stjernen (30) fell well in the trial before the Saturday team competition. Still, put on his legs – and he got up and jumped first. As a result of failure.

The star dropped at 83 meters. Norway did not reach his last trip and finished in the ninth place – 574.7 points behind Austria's winner.

– When you see the product, it's very easy to be back. It's a well-known fact that dolphins are shooting a new jump after falling, saying Remen Evensen to Dagbladet.

MØRBANKET: Andreas Stjernen fell illegally in his trial on Saturday. This photograph is from another time. Picture: NTB scanpix
pressure: Andreas Stjernen died badly in his trip on Saturday. This photograph is from another time. Picture: NTB scanpix
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– You almost need to knock your legs without making it. It is a question that the Star was able to make a decision to do; Shared a team competition as soon as the crash. I mean it should not be & # 39; jump ever.

A dolphin

Norway's problem is that the Alexander Stöckl coach will usually be at # 39; takes six dollars to the World Cup weekend. In Lahti in Finland there were only five dolphins – for various reasons.

The star came as an investment for Tande who fell in Lahti on Friday. Only 24 hours later, the Star also went to the ground. If he had to report a passport, Norway would have three strengths in the team competition.

The question was if the Star was a # 39; feeling hard to take part. On Sunday he was standing above the bell. He was in the hotel room and was a very disparate feeling.

"No," he's responding to Stjernen, a & # 39; asks if he was pushed.

– I wanted to go up and jump. If a jerseys fall and does not; jump again, you may be willing to mind. It should not be too long for the next jump.

Conversation together

Stöckl says he took the Star outside the crash. He says he's ugly. On Sunday night he would not allow Dagbladet to access the video images that the Norwegian trainer sits on.

NRK EXPERT: Johan Remen Evensen. Picture: NTB scanpix
PROFESSIONAL NRK: Johan Remen Evensen. Picture: NTB scanpix
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– Tell me to Andreas: "Nothing story: You'll get full support if you do not let it. In that case, we have three strengths in a team competition and we will do it as a work- work. "I also thought if it was a? Holding a catch, it would not be dangerous to jump. Then he finished with 83 meters.

The star says that it was OK enough before it came to the first place. But Sunday it was completely finished.

– My group with nothing in the box now is doing it now. I'm pushed and pushed. His case was very hard, he admits.

– What happened when you fell?

– I changed from a previous jump. Skiing was poor and things were different. I built around it and landed on my back.

The star says that it was an awful experience.

– Back, I see there was no difference if I passed. It's been worse than hip. I'm going home and a & # 39; photography. But I believe that I've always been pushed and pushed. I'm going to beat the Ski World Cup.


Stöckl tells of the saint how scary and he had never been a fool. He started with Anders Fannemel at home and training due to poor results. In addition, dolphins in a watercourse should be participating in the World Cup trying to enter a quota place in the # 39; The Continental Cup. So the Vikings went to Lahti with five opponents against the usual six.

Well, the place in the Finnish woods fell both tooth and star. Gods say he has a turn in his left knee. But it looks good in the days ahead.


– I never knew this weekend, Stöckl says, who has been on a Norir coach since 2011.

The afternoon came on Sunday afternoon when Robert Johansson finished third in the race race. Kamil Stoch won from Poland on the front of the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi. Halvor Egner Granerud became the fifth, Johann André Forfang seven.

– We get through this weekend just make us stronger. He says a lot about the efforts, devolution and culture in the team, says Stöckl.

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