Not known! After a year, Aleš was horribly shocked, the difference for 100 kilos


He's been a good year since he was Aleš Hrvatin Lujko Farewell with the largest Soviet of losers. Even then, it was a big change, but now we can say that it has been a completely different. It should be remembered that there are 223 kilograms at the beginning of the year last year, and today there are 120, and even this muscle.

"I remember how I came home from the festival on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning I went to the fitness room and then started a new chapter and a new fight … I did not know what was Waiting for me, and I did not think too much. With the personal trainer, Maja, who did not speak to me directly, until mid-summer we were working hard on losing weight . Later on, she started working on a large circle such as it is today. I also helped to train my own and also visit the fitness studio. Health and movement have gone to – within my blood, sometimes I rejoice, this is my share … "he wrote important life opportunities for him.

Despite this, pictures tell more than a thousand words …

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