Not only Chile: South America is not admitted to two months of Copa America


A different panorama will live a selection from South America to just over two months for the start of the American Cup in Brazil. The last deadline for the FIFA was the official preparations before the continental competition was held in mid-June, where there is doubt in most cases. T teams full of doubts due to bad results.

Chile, an American performer, is not only full of questions about the exhibition which was on display in recent games. Also the rest of the teams retained more expenses than good results.


Those who are directed by Tite, who are in the running of the competition next June, even though they have a team of players to raise a team who could fought easily in the competition, it is spending at the last time providing the opportunity to pass on this historical background.

As a homeowner he is sure he will receive the title, an unexpected activity after the last results on the last FIFA date. Against Panama with a mixed team he started winning but quickly tied it up and finished with a 1-1 opposition to the low-level American team who celebrated the result as a confrontation.

On Tuesday he brought out his testimonies as the power of the world and with most of his beginners in the eleventh game he could turn the game and defeat the Republican Republic of Czech 3-1. Neymar's lack of fighting was the best Scratch game, which still has stats Casemiro, Arthur, Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus or Roberto Firmino.

The Argentina

The election albiceleste is one of those people who have more doubts about the continental competition. Lionel Scaloni's team failed to find a team and a fixed game system. Return Lionel Messi it didn't happen as planned and they fell wonderfully 3-1 against Venezuela in the Wanda Stadium Metropolitan in Madrid. Although there are some famous names within the template there is no consensus that supports the idea to win the title in Brazil.

Their pressure on them gives us hope in the Andean team, where it is essential to get and give titles to cut the dry. Terrifying opposition to Morocco in Tangier did not take place before 1-0 with Correa's Angel but the rabbits just a little, but today the questions to Scaloni get off to a strong start and are not being interrupted. until he left him.


The Celeste is led by the maestro of Washington Tabárez the strongest against Copa America, reinforcing generational change. With these players Lucas Torreira, Rodrigo Bentancur, Matías Vecino, Diego Laxalt, Nahitan Nández, Cortthian Stuani amongst others, they have maintained a strong foundation for the Uruguayan elected to be a competitive squadron in the wider region.

The last meetings of the last March were used to protest against the Chinese Cup and had the confidence in the face of Copa America. In the Asian competition, they beat Uzbekistan 3-0 in the semifinals and won the last Thailand game with 4-0. Although it was not a high standard for measuring its performance, it was useful to influence the first game against Ecuador for Copa America.


References organized by Rafael Dudamel come from a long walk of football. Although the final preparatory process failed to achieve the goal of the World Cup, it has gradually been increased to reflect itself as a competitive competition in the region. With an increase in players from his last generation under the 20 World Cup, he has created a strong level of creativity.

As an example the Argentina influence was 3-1 in the Metropolitan Wanda. La Vinotinto won the second victory of the anti-Andean history, reinforcing his future. But, on Monday, they were against the Catalan team with a 2-1 drop, but they'd leave a good taste to showcase the game on the back of the American Cup where there is a lot to gain and very little to lose.


Coffee growers started a new process driven by Carlos Queiroz after the José Néstor Pekerman expedition after the 2018 World Cup in Russia. With a set of players playing in the ancient continent, the new coach wants to stamp a team that's coming with a idea of ​​two abolition processes.

On the final day, FIFA visited Asia where they won in the first match with the top team, a 1-0 defeat against Japan, which will be one of the teams invited to attend the current edition of Copa. America. However, they then fell 2-1 to South Korea, where they left several doubts.


The Inca team are led by Ricardo Gareca forming another view after playing in the 2018 World Cup. Although the group was eliminated, the reason for this is that they would return to a planet. meets the aims of the Rimac. . El Tigre already has a firm foundation and will fight in Copa America with his best people, where he has demonstrated what is best on the last time.

In the last date of friends, they won a 1-0 victory over Paraguay with an early visit by Christian Cueva four minutes into the game. Despite that, the black note for the Peruvians was in the last apron, because it was a great success in 2-0 against El Salvador, which brought back the last year of last year, where he fell t at home against Ecuador and Costa Rica.


Things have not gone far enough for the Guarani. After the World Cup in the Russian the Juan Carlos Osorio of Colombia was introduced in albirroja banking, it lasts only one game. Against time and above the Copa América, Argentina Eduardo Berizzo He gave the opportunity in the Paraguayan national team in a complex time and clearly he can not yet give him the necessary stamp.

Albirroja left many wars in March, falling 0-1 against Peru and 2-4 with Mexico at the first point of Toto's, which placed greater pressure on the Paraguayan generation that failed to recover after a failure t Their students in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018. The Guarani is one of the biggest problems facing Copa Ammerica.


The Chilean competition is the first glimpse of Copa América coming in crisis and not unexpected. The Ecuador team with several new players on the squad and returning Hernán Bolillo Gómez unable to find the route, without the ability to benefit from the success of his youth teams, especially his last U20 who won the title in South America's Silent this summer. Yes.

In the recent newcomers, the Three won 1-0 against the United States and then were drawn to a close look against Honduras, where a number of players were surrounded without finding the correct formula.


In the case of Bolivians, the situation is more challenging. He has been a while since he had a team or team change in his squad, where he sometimes had to use his figures in other circumstances to replace the casualty or not a group.

In the FIFA double date at the end of March he toured the continent of Asia, where he fell 1-0 by South Korea and Japan. The first time in Copa América will not be easy, when they have to confront the Brazilian and the best Brasil, on June 14, and the truth is true. that they believe they are a care competition at a continental event.


The election conducted by Reinaldo Rueda has been criticized for a long time with general criticism and is unable to see the course to re-affirm the monarchy's title and worse the results do not go far. .

The last FIFA games come to a better balance: a strong Mexico loss with 3-1 and a 1-1 draw against the USA, which is not much hope for the national team.

South America receives more suspicion than Copa America, where there are Japan and Qatar. And from what you see, Red is not only a problem, it's already a case.

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