Not only does Momo Geisha have an elevator at Malang, but a private salon, Rossa to call a hotel


SURYAMALANG.COM – Not only is the Momo Geisha house in Malang, but also a private salon, Rossa to give a hotel.

The Momo Geisha house in Malang was a very spectacular showcase when the singer of Rossa stopped and went to the house of a Geisha spokesman.

Rossa was not alone, along with the singer Judika who was also delighted to see the luxury at Momo Geisha's house in Malang.

It is common to have the figure of the beautiful singer Narova Morina Sinaga or known as Momo Geisha is very rich.

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Momo Geisha and her husband
Momo Geisha and her Husband ( – Instagram @ therealmomogeisha)

Momo was officially edited by the wealthy businessman in April 2017.

Since he married this furniture entrepreneur from Malang, Momo Geisha started his departure from the country's country of acting.

Momo Geisha is now a major community and moved to stay in Malang.

Momo Geisha's pleasure is also broader by being pregnant with her first child with her husband, Nicola Reza Samudra.

Although he lives far from the main town, Momo still has a long time. go back and forth between Malang and Jakarta if he has a meeting with his friends.

Being a furniture furnace, there is no doubt that Momo has a beautiful life and Her Majesty now rich.

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