Not satisfied with interim results Lidl announces new competition


Published: 2019-03-28 14:24

Judit Grigely

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Lidl Lithuania publishes a new communications service and the best conversation competition competition. At the beginning of the year, the merchant does not mention an individual competition but for the employer's contact;

We decide to combine the two areas and broaden the scope of the competition. We invite you to seven centers of public relations, including our current partners at Publicum, Valdas Stop, Communications Manager at Lidl Lithuania.

We hope to finish the competition and also select participants during April.

In the last competition, we met with four groups, but we were not satisfied with the results, so we made the decision. I still can't answer today, we will have two or two communications partners, Mr said. Stop.

Competition for the competition

Recently new communications partners were selected with Maxima LT's employee profile engagement and other key communications projects will be co-ordinated by the INK communications team, and at the same time a partnership with Fabula Hill. + Knowlton Strategies.

May 2018 The final quarter of the year was marked by an abundance of marketing and media design services, and at the beginning of the year new opportunities were created to give the centers public relations.

At the beginning of the year with the partners of new communications, a network of goods and commerce began and began to work with agents who were moving.

Rimi has worked with Suagentra Integrity for many years now.

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