"Not sm ybiec …" wrote at 22.08 times old Alex, who was suspected of killing in Kyustendil, at 23.30am, police surrender (Obzor)


"Gun can never have a bloody position when it's best to get it. Better 12 to make your complaint. From 6 out of time they are putting you on."

This was written on 3 February in his profile by Alex Ivanov, 19, who is suspected of having killed a 35-year-old Valery Dabov in Kyustendil. The spelling in the question is.

In a bloody man at Sunday at 7.30am in front of a restaurant in the middle of the town, Valery was cut by a knife and died in the place. A further four were injured in the struggle between two groups – Bulgarians and Roma, some of whom were drunk. Two of the injuries were transported to Pirogov, with the condition of one of them bad. The age of 53, Angel Igov, who is among the leaders of the Goolyovtsi family who took part in the battle, cranial brain trauma in coma. It is run and is still actively and rigorous in revival.

The second one who was transferred to the hospital in Sofia is also running. His hand is highly capable and still has a number of interventions, but there is no danger to life. There are two others with light luck in Kyustendil hospital.

Hours after the event, the police held 8 of the partners in the morning and 4 other partners. With certificates and recordings from videocameras, convicts decided that Valeri's fatal illness, called Gucci, is the age of 19 years of age, which is from the local family Goyovtsi from Iztok. However, the young person's growth grew up; hiding from the dress.

"At 23.30 on Sunday she came with her mother and gave it. It is convicted of crime, two offenses are related to physical harm," said Chief of MoI's Chief Executive at Kyustendil, chief commissioner Elian Stamboliyski. He stressed that the conflict is not due to cure infection, but due to a lot of alcohol tests.

Police and gendarmerie dropped their homes on Sunday, a major investigation was carried out and found the main person who was suspected of death. Shortly before he surrendered, at 22.08, Alex wrote his facebook page: "Do not sm ybiec …" And when he questioned, he refused to admit that the prosecutor was the crime.

"The research has already set up the evil harmony of Igov. The hospital is in Kyustendil and will also be maintained," said the police chief.

On social networks, people in the town introduced peaceful objections – and the first Sunday night. On Monday morning, there were 30 people in front of police premises with demands for justice and stronger police presence in the Roma neighborhood.

"Valerie would not have been involved so close. He wanted to put them on," said the dead man's friend.

"The indigenous people have been disturbing people for years, who are involved in striking, cracking the rocks. People in & # 39 ; their community for them, they are scared, "campaigners said at a meeting with their Director; Police, Elian Stamboliyski.

They also ask a check on the families in the Gypsy area – what they are doing, whether their sources are legal. The Director advised them that some were closed following the commercial property inspection in the Iztok District because they did not meet the requirements. He stated that there are no participants in Sunday momms that were proven for a murder of defensive yards since 2009 in the town of Shishkovtsi. Then the 9th of the Goliovtsi hit a guard and gave up their sentences.

"This family is not accepted in the east. The reasons for this are different – there are old conversations over time. There are families of Ropotamitsi, Kondovtsi, Golyovtsi – some of the main clans that a & # 39; fight with each other. Most of them have given more than one sentence, "Stamboliiski added.

Despite the affirmations that the bloody bloody is not for genetic causes, there is a battle on social networks. Many people published a picture of Valery Dabov with the text: "Today I'm Kyustendil! Be quiet in the peace of Valeri Dabov!". Some indicate how to return to them; death deaths, others make a rare surrender of the centers.

Valery, 35, is only a child, and his mother has been in a terrible state after the funny story about his death. She is said to be in hospital. He is not a family member in the deceased in the & # 39; registration business.

On Monday, Kyustendil marched a candle candle with candles from the venue to the Valerie area where they put flowers in memory of him.

VMRO-Kyustendil has commented on seeking an early response from the potential centers and the most difficult penalties.

The Kyustendil District Center's Office is currently investigating; murdered and trying to kill more than one person bloodily.

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