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Facebook powder said

Facebook "Kmt Mesozoic Alliance" powder said in particular that Chen Ju was a "Fat Chrysanthemum" post. Picture: A version from the Mesozoic Kmt Union Union Facebook Powder

After the Secretary of State, Wu Dunyi, Chairman of the General Secretary of State, Chen Ju, was the "fat and seile of seeds", the 20-day "KMT Mesozoic Alliance" Facebook Facebook book a & # 39; "Hairui – Corruption Testing and Human Rights Justice Protection Division" Chen Yu was convicted as a "chrysanthemum fat" and put his personal assault on the look. In this regard, the forward-winged candidate Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai's forwarding campaign for Zhao Tianlin's Chief Executive announced today (21), expresses a true conviction and wants the Kuomintang on to stop this incapable behavior.

"KMT Mesozoic Alliance" won the role of "Modern Hairui – Investigating the stubbornness and protection of Scotland", with a song called "Fat Chrysanthemum", a personal attack on Chen Ju, the words mentioned , "good one The thrill that blows away from the fat, the brain is dirty, the brain is full of fat pigs, and greasy and fatty people, let the people of his greatness to the cage, the fat rescue, the red-red chest. Chen Ju was a political prisoner for the beautiful island event. The democrats division has now been thrown away.

In this regard, Zhao Tianlin commented in the statement that "the use of uncertain words for the bullying of the personality of the seaman Chen Juqian is just as similar to the chairman of Wu Dunyi, Chairman of Kuomintang," Seud mòr the fat. "Zhao Tianlin stressed him, even though Wu Dunyi is already on a party membership. The applicant, South Korea, also asked" I would rather be a lost loss, "but The Kuomintang did not seem to try to "dirty" with hateful speech. Zhao Tianlin said the worst conviction about this action was to defile the democratic system, and again He asked the Kuomintang to go on again to stop Kuomintang's incapacitated behavior.

After the "KMT Mesozoic Alliance" was divided, some of the websites thought that the behavior was not inappropriate. The message "I thought Han would help to make a mistake to South Korea", "Do not be the pig companion!", "Let's continue with to become acidic, "Why divide it, quite austere," who has brought a lot of criticism.

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(影) Strong Chen Qimai Chen Ju: It's not a Taiwanese daughter, not big enough. i am

Wu Dunyi secretly sworn that Chen Ju is "fat and split". It is a middle point statement; in Kuomintang at a low-level level.

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