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His first influenza virus – H1N1 – was diagnosed in Sofia. This was named by director of the National Center for Sicknesses and Parasites and Epidemiologist Professor Todor Kantardzhiev, named by Fòcas.

"The Center's National Floral Application Center confirmed its first flu virus for this season. The virus was diagnosed with influenza in maternal clinical and the 6-year-old baby in Sofia .

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The virus is marked as a H1N1 or a discharge disease, or California, or does it say some "it" porc, said Prof. Kantardzhiev.

It can also deal effectively with cold and flu with the help of indigenous medicine. This is 6 "long-term" trying and tested grandmother recipes that will help you in just a few days to overcome cold.

Take 100 g of new blood-resistant (2 freeze), 2 tablespoons of jam and 2 saturated eyebrows of 2 watermelon and 2 eye flavors of savory-haired. dry raspberry leaves. Look at all this with a large glass of boiled water and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic activity in a raspberry helps to deal with cold signs. In addition, there are many otters in the raspberries that eliminate local energy processes, so you can do your tear with raspberry teas.

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