Note that a patient's disease that affects animals can be spread to people


In the 24 US states and two Canadian divisions of cachexia (CWD) cases were reported in deer, wildlife and wildlife, recites the Center for Control and Disease Change (CDC). Deer disease is a zombie & # 39; This fatal illness is called.

According to The New York Post, This disorder causes a strong weight loss in animals and makes them walk in the pattern of repetition, as well as to do so; fear of fear. Identified for the first time in the late 1960's in deer in Colorado, there has been a continuing decline in disease; distributed elsewhere, and before January 2019 it was registered in 251 counties in 24 states. The CDC notes that issues are also listed in Norway, Finland and South Korea.

Although the disease has not yet been reported in humans, some scientists have expressed anxiety that this disease could affect them. So, experts from the University of Minnesota argue that CWD should be treated as a public health problem. Michael Osterholm, an expert of this entity, He said "scheduled issues of people with cachexia are likely to continue in the coming years, related to the consumption of pollution meat." "The number of human issues is important and there are no remote incidents," he said.

Compared to the expert Chronic disease illness with spongiform encephalopathy (not to deceive cow disease), saying that the experts did not believe that it could be extended to humans.

CWD is believed to be broadcast through protocols called printers in physical slopes, such as feces, saliva, blood or urine., and can stay in the environment for a long time, and publish the New York Post. There is no vaccine or cure in the face of the illness, and these symptoms can be up to a year.

Canada's research last year showed that macaques were feeding CWD's disease to improve their disease.

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