Julian Love, Notre Dame, breaks down the defensive route after winning 36-3 on the Syracuse team that has pledged 44 pounds per game
Michael Berardino, IndyStar

NEW YORK – In the early part of the week, Julian Love, a scarce technologist and skilful movie movie deformation, upheld the protection of Notre Dame, Todd Lyght's defense, and gave a glimpse.

"Tell me your Lygh coach," I've just been on & # 39; feel that we are going to affect them, "who remembered love after A 36-3 Saturday reduction of 12-stage Syracuse at the Yankee Stadium. "Mar, I mean, yes, they have a good team. They play a 44-point game target. They are rated. But I knew."

With his winning, Notre Dame moved third to 11-0 and finished on October weekend Thanksgiving at his & # 39; Choliseum to build USC. Take that one, and the Football Football Committee has little choice to take Fighting Ireland into its four-team events on 29 December.

Oh, it is still possible to find a director of Oregon Ron Mullens athletics and relatives will have the means to power, say, Georgia or Oklahoma into national debates, but Notre Dame does not. going to lose a lot of time worry about it now. Not when teams like Syracuse are on the way and win more games.


Notre Dame coach, Brian Kelly, looks forward to USC after winning 36-3 on Yankee Stadium Syracuse
Michael Berardino, IndyStar

This means that "keeping the" and "process" is currently ". It's about to include the competition's competition challenge – minute to minute, use to # 39; use, game to game – and then click on the street away from you.

"When you look at such teams, the really real-life scheme is to mislead people," said Gràdh. "To end and eliminate them, you are just attacking them. Every incumbent trying to stop you, run through. Be aggressive. They do not want to do these little plays, you can (excessive). "

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He helped, in fact, that Notre Dame was able to jump out to the next fast start. With Ian Book back at the control, the Irish took 13-0 ahead of the first quarter, and # 39; meant that it was run by 50 points in the first verse just over the past four games.


Chanre Notre Dame Sam Mustipher after winning 36-3 on Syracuse and a disappointment nearby
Michael Berardino, IndyStar

For the year, the Irish have challenged opponents 112-23 in the opening ceremony.

"Something coach (Brian) Kelly is always singing on us, an emergency awareness," said Sam Mustipher's center. "I think we're proud of that and that's ours."

Knracing Syracuse Quartz, Eric Dungey, a four-year starter, out of his game on the Orange Orange third row also made simple issues. Even before Dungey left a bad corpse that was named, Ireland's defense could go to the # 39; feeling a game would come.

"You feel that your opponent is very early in the game, just the features and attitudes of your opponent," said Love, who was once again. hitting across the secondary school to go to; matched to all types of bodies. "We went to the foundation after our first series of couples and we went, and rightly, we can just give those people just up."


Ian Book returns a wound on Notre Dame to 36-3 a & p; win Syracuse
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And that's especially how it was played because Notre Dame was holding Syracuse to a 234 seasonal rod on 73 plays from scrimmage (3.2-board average). The Orange came for 482 yards of crime, including a 311 low season in Air's worst concern. 2 Clemson back in September.

There was only one Irish enemy finishing with fewer full rods, but Stanford's 229-bay on 29 September had only 51 plays.

On the way, Notre Dame set up six other saga and three attacks (two with Navy Alohi Gilman's movement) to make a slighter increase, including the Syracuse Dino Babers coach.

"It's definitely not a wonderful football team," Babers said about the Irish. "They have very good players. Notre Dame is better than what people are thinking about."

A book, Babers observed, was "slippery like eel" with "jackrabbit" features, even coming from bruised compartments and blackfolds. And oppose the defamation of any faults so quickly & # 39; they opened.


Nowadays, out of the case of Eric Dungey.
Michael Berardino, IndyStar

"We tried to do some things, and they closed some gaps in their length," said Babers. "They are very, very long as a defense football team. That was a defensive defense."

Also one came within 10 seconds of the first impact of Notre Dame in 60 games. Instead, you still have to go back to September 2014 and win 31-0 over Michigan to find the last defenses with Irish protection.

There is only one other benefit in Kelly's time through shutout: a 38-0 victory over Wake Forest on the same day in 2012.

Notre Dame's closing away from home? It came on August 31, 2002 at Stadium Giants, a 22-0 prize over Maryland in Tyrone Willingham as a coach.

When the Syracuse merchant, Andre Szmyt, met on the left above from 23 yards with 8:20 remaining, the whole closure remained. But Babers, taking care of the boos from the people who had been in a position; supporting the Irishmen, who put Szmyt back there when they were attacking a 28-yarder final score.


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It should also be aware of the Syracuse driver, which confronted Notre Dame's securities.

"It's very simple," Babers said. "We could run another game and we could even output it out, and it may even be done hit the side, but we're not going to win. The other thing, when you run these plays, you get to hurt people. "

In addition to a field-of-the-field non-communication attempt, indeed? Whatever the coach.

When a little dispute was raised, lost love, a & # 39; laughter and blame.

"I mean, it was a good blow with her child," he said. "He did it."

Total accident.

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Notre Dame Insider, Mike Berardino, has a 36-3 breakdown in Ireland; win Syracuse and look forward to a regular USC season
Michael Berardino, IndyStar