Notre Dame is struggling with Irish skewers as football football


When asked after the Notre Dame 36-3 members over Syracuse on Saturday, his team should be included in the same conversation with No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson, coach Brian Kelly said no Irish 3 Number "wants to be compared."

And still, perhaps unfortunately, he went on to do that straight.

"Remember now," said Kelly, "we have played the triple option [offense]. "

So Alabama is – Saturday, indeed, when he was at least 10 at The Citadel before he pulled it away to 50-17 at home. Notre Dame Navy, three-fold crime, hit 44-22 on October 27 in San Diego.

"We have played a very corporate team in Northwestern," said Kelly.

So Michigan's No. 4, who lost Notre Dame in the season opener, escaped on Northwestern 20-17. Notre Dame won at NU 31-21.

"And then the Florida State," said Kelly, "and boundaries in Syracuse."

Just like … Clemson.

Clemson at Florida State 59-10 won and beat Syracuse at home with 23-23 semi-wheel quarterback Seminoles series. Notre Dame Syracuse lost Saturday at the Yankee Stadium.

Everything that does not want to compare, although that's just what the College Football Football election committee is doing when comparative teams are doing; play against a common challenge.

"I have lost the two of them," said Syracuse, Dino Babers, about Clemson and Notre Dame's covenant. "I do not think it's fair to talk to them. I tell you this, however, those – that Notre Dame is better than what people think they are."

On Saturday, when most of the playoff campaigners did not find anything easy when it was supposed to be a ho-hum week of lopsided results, Notre Dame raised the team's team's 12th team in a spectacular fashion and added more to the place where it is.

The Orange started 44.4 points and they were scourged in just 15 quarters, but were just checked out in the & # 39; fourth quarter. The protection of Notre Dame allowed Syracuse to just 3.2 yards of each game and a total of 234 yards – considerably lower than the Orange average of 482.2 yards.

"Unlucky, I thought the plan was separate," said Kelly. "We did not indirectly."

With the victory of Saturday, Notre Dame was able to come to the play from 78 per cent to 88 per cent, according to ESPN Predictor Playoff. Notre Dame was the only top 10 team who was played a classical Saturday merchant, and at least the Irish exposed to close the gap with Alabama and Clemson, but there seems to be no Air situation. 3 changes in the 25th highest level of the committee on Tuesday.

Notre Dame has an 88% chance to make the play line (but only win 7 per cent of the chance). Howard Simmons / AP Photo

There is only a game at Notre Dame, at USC (24 November, 8 p.m. ET, ABC), but think that the Trojans are a loss of 3-8 UCLA, the Irishman should not be lost.

"If they play how they play us," Babers said about the Irish, "they may have the chance to play for a national show."

According to ESPNs Football Power Football, 71 percent have an opportunity to win Ireland at the USC next week. If they do, 98 per cent of them have access to the playground.

Notre Dame is different than those that were demolished by Alabama 42-14 in the BCS 2012 national competition. It is different staff, a different quarterback. In the face of Syracuse, Ian Book cast for 292 yards and two touchdowns after a week's last week's game was injured. It has risen not only increase the crime of Notre Dame, but also its place on the national campus. Despite the success, there is likely to be a problem across the country; Accepting the potential for Alabama-Notre Dame to happen again – perhaps because there is no one to see a blowout on the highest level of sport.

Alabama is still good, maybe better. Notre Dame 2012 vs Notre Dame 2018?

Now that is there is no comparison.

Five events that happened on Saturday that could affect the playoff race:

1. Oklahoma State 45, West Virginia 41. Oklahoma State was built from the need for a half-time 17-point breakdown of the Players, but WVU can still reach the Big 12 title game if it is; hitting Oklahoma in the regular season round of the Friday night (8 fm ET, ESPN) S-West Although a broadcast-tournament conference is still the aim of WVU, it would seem that a & # 39; whole conference; come out of their entire conference, because the fastest ones are the only person who is going to do it; leaving unlawful remains in the 12th. missing on Saturday.

2. The Ohio State protection provided 535 yards and seven recreational opportunities. And most of it came from Maryland to & # 39; Anthony McFarland's back, a total of 298 yards and two touchdowns. The Buckeyes had never managed in control but hit Terps 52-51 in a premature time, thanking their protection. Due to everything that has been in Oklahoma's defense and at its season, Ohio City has been open to the Terps, so Urban Meyer's coach believed that The defense game was "terrible." If the Buckeyes are hitting on Saturday Saturday in Columbus (ET day, FOX), they will needs a rapid increase rapidly – and not just immensely. There were also 10 penalties in Ohio State and there were three troubles against the Terps.

Justin Fields is the first quarterback in Georgia to go to # 39; broke for 100 yards in a game since 1998. Iain Bazemore / AP Photo

3. Georgia backup QB Justin Fields will find valuable experience. This may affect the playoff race if Fields has been used in certain situations to help tap on the Alabama Number 1 in the SEC competition game. He was definitely able to watch this week, although he opposed the terrible UMass defense, as Fields cast for 121 yards and ran for 100 yards. This is the first quarterback Georgia for running 100 yards in a game from Quincy Carter against Kentucky in 1998.

4. Michigan has a black zone problem. The Wolverines were in a very uncomfortable game against Indiana largely because the crime was gutting the red zone. Michigan was inside the Hoosiers & 20-yard line seven times and scratched only one touchdown. (Jake Moody made a six-part campus program.) As well as being a defense from Michigan, crime needs to be more productive against the Ohio State crime, led by Dwayne Haskins.

5. UCF is still uncertain. Although the Knights are not likely to be accessed to the top four, they should enter the main 10 by using the # 10; winning 24 Cincinnati and West Virginia 9th to Oklahoma State. The question is so loud & # 39; as they can climb, in particular to discuss the Ohio State struggle in the & # 39; win against the Terps. As the UCF moves, New Year's Six Bowl will change.

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