Notre Dame vs. Syracuse score, takeeways: Irish Number No. 3 certifies that the title is the title of a title in a normal way


No additional box should be examined for Number 3 Notre Dame after Syracuse 36-3 at the Yankee Stadium. The 11-year-old Irish, their success in regulating the quality control of a quality enemy, even established a crime before Ericback Dunrange left the game wounded.

The game was an exhibition for an Irish-led guardianship guard and has been consistently made at a small level during the season. The Orange added 40 points or more four times on this season, but against Notre Dame the crime was held less than four yards for each play.

Alohi Gilman received two attacks and eight exercises, Teon Von Coney faced 12 faces and Drue Tranquill was flying around the field during the afternoon. The Irishmen kept everything in front of them, and when they opened their own opportunities – as a member who was erased out of his, Come into Gilman's hands – they made the best chance.

There is no doubt that Dungey had a serious problem in the game, and Syracuse fans have concerns about their status; move on, but the Orange has been supporting Tommy DeVito quarterback this season successfully and successfully. going to Saturday afternoon to compete for national war. The election committee is convinced that it will take into account bad Dungey when changing the rankings for Syracuse after its death; lost, but he should not be aware of the benefit for Notre Dame.

On Tuesday, the city's Football Football Scrutiny Committee, chairman Rob Mullens said the whole room was green in Number 1 Alabama and Clemson No. 2, announcing Notre Dame as one of three teams in argued for No. 3 and No. 4 with Michigan and Georgia. The Saturday event in the Yankee Stadium is the highlight of the argument that Notre Dame does not have; belong to that first group, with the less powerful Power Five teams, as one of the locks to spot in the playoffs that should win the next week against the USC.

Here are three things to find out about winning.

1. Long Chip has done a good job in the Notre Dame crime management in 2018: A ship, 35, has been a challenging challenge this year as a coach. Erasing from Ireland in some difficult problems this year and, however, they are going to do it. stand in to the final game of the normal season. Ian Book's fairness figures are on the crime show season set up to put the skill players in order to create explosive plays, so when Brandon Wimbush was in the " A series in Florida State did not produce it.

2. The Orange protection was to be done in the red zone: This will not be reported and almost unattended, but Orange's huge defense work has been done; Holding the back to the wall, especially in the # 39; first half. Two field hits and quizzes in one zone can be realized to Syracuse's ability to Hard hanging even after Notre Dame hit a explosive image or turned into the Orange. Alton Robinson and his / her rest of the line were also protected at Book run early, and making him make plays out of his pocket and his / her; fill Irish attempts to hit the back row.

3. Musicians from chaos will be locked to Notre Dame-USC: Notre Dame's brand power is that home games are rewritten to Yankee Stadium and its " keep the independent Irish in football with part of the ACC. The College's Football Playoff has emphasized the Power Five championship champions that gives "winning competitions" criteria for its " election committee, and Notre Dame will play the college's football game. going to make history and be important for its program and the drama.

The Five Five music chairs match for Power Five was four places where a ball bump was thrown last year when the SEC started its first conference to bring two teams into, and that it could be a & # 39; again introducing the Irish two powers of Power Five out, and probably three according to the Alabama-Georgia. Brian Kelly and his team do not have to worry about winning any fringe against the Trojans, but the rest of the college's football world Looking closely with an interest in the chance to fight if the Irish is lost.

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