Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer completing 1-2-3


By Novak Djokovic at Àir. 1, Rafael Nadal at Àir. 2 and Roger Federer at Àir. 3 on Monday, the three of the main sessions will be the leading ATP star star of the seasons for the seventh time.

This is the first time, however, that each of those three spent time at Number 1 in the same year. The seven changes there are mostly since 1999, when there were eight.

Djokovic won Wimbledon and the US Opening in 2018, while Federer embarked on the Opening of Australia, and Nadal won the French Open title.

They also numbered numbers 1-3 in the final charts from 2007 to 11 and 2014.

For Djokovic, he identifies his & # 39; Fifty-time runners-up, after 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015. Pete Sampras, with a six-year term Number 1 and a; finishing, doing it more often.

The 31-year-old Serbia is also the oldest in Number 1 at the end of the season and the first one to be at # 39; finishing throughout the site after being outside the main 20 during the year – or outside the highest 10 at the end of the year; previous year (it was No. 12 in 2017).

Simona Halep completed the Season 1 season in the WTA rating for the second year after each other; She placed that site more than a month ago. Angelique Kerber is the number 2 among women, and later Caroline Wozniacki, Elina Svitolina and Naomi Osaka.

Djokovic spent Nadal three weeks ago; The Spaniard did not compete in any place after he stopped for a lazy right lane when he was the U.S. Open. in September against Juan Martin del Potro. Nadal had an instrumental instrument on his ankle ankle this month.

Nadal completes a Season 1 or Number 2 season for the 10th time, except for Federer 11 only.

Federer, at the same time, is in the top three year end for the 14th record. The 37-year-old of Switzerland has won 20 Grand Slam competitions, most with a man, and Nadal by 17, and then Djokovic and Sampra with 14 of them .

Rest of the high 10 ATP for 2018: No. 4 Alasdair Zverev, Number 5 del Potro, Àir. 6 Kevin Anderson, No. 7 Marin Cilic, No. 8 Dominic Thiem, No. 9 Kei Nishikori and No. 10 John Isner.

Del Potro's second place at the US Opening, Anderson at Wimbledon, Cilic at Open Australia, and Thiem at French Open.

Anderson or Isner had never finished the year in the top 10, and the Potro was back in the " That group for the first time since 2013.

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