November 22 .. Sharif Mounir's article praises the Greek club


Sami Michel

Saturday 17 November 2018 – 8:12 PM
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Saturday 17 November 2018 – 8:12 PM

The artist Sharif Mounir and his "Nostalgia" concert play a concert on Thursday (22 November) at her; Greek club in Heliopolis at 8pm.

Mounir Sheriff named his showcase by image posted on her & # 39; Her account at the Instagram website, and said: "God is willing, Thursday (22 November) at the Greek Club".

The artist Sharif Mounir is obviously playing in the concerts on the drumming machine, and has established the "Nostalgia" group in 2017 at her. Lyons Nile club in Cairo at a charitable concert, and each time he and his group made many concerts in different places in Cairo.

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