November 27: Lyon – Man City


November 27: Lyon - Man City

In the first leg, Man City to Lyon 1-2 lost home at home, most of the NHM. But it seems that a team that broke twice through Ederson's web at Stairreas Etihad as Lyon, certainly is not at all. At Ligue 1, Lyon is ahead of the PSG group.

Lyon will play in the Ligue 1, but they will always be able to play. opening more often when they go to Europe. After winning the game, the next three matches of Lyon (against Shakhtar Donetsk and Hoffenheim) finished in 2-2 (2x) and 3-3. Indeed, the images were on an electronic board that NHM wanted "topics" to; count their favorite goal.

Man City is stronger, but that does not make it easy for them to go. Sing at the win of Groupama, and lose its & # 39; The first leg against Lyon at home was a expensive lesson for Pep Guardiola.

Desiring to & # 39; hitting Lyon to make sure that a team had finished, Baile needed to set out many goals as Maverick would not be able to call. The Guardiola coach is an attack and a Town hall scam. With a strong and impressive current style, Manchester City has no help at Groupama.

Out of 32 Scottish League groups, Lyon and Man City are on top. There were 18G games on the league with 18 goals, with Lyon second with 17 goals and the next 15-minute success of the home. The statistics show that tall & # 39; The level of responsibilities in the Man City and Lyon games.

It should also be noted that the last three times the Greenman met Ligue 1's representatives in the European League, with up to 15 hours on web violation, Up to 5 goals per game. Children had a good reason to achieve the number of goals tonight to 3 1/2. Lyon and Manchester City will continue at least 4 visits.

Put religion in Ajax

Ajax Amsterdam is not the best NHM name to support the highest teams. Just sent, Ajax is not a member of the "banner" at present times like Man City, Barca or PSG. But due to its reputation, Ajax is the trustworthy name for NHM when they meet AEK Athens tonight.

AEK Athens has gone without hope. In the meantime, Ajax is making a great deal of progress on this season, and # 39; affecting Bayern in the Allianz Arena.

Ajax lost just 2-1 in Asia's final borders. These statistics are incredible to know in the Dutch league, Ajax often challenges opponents from 1 3/4 to 3 members, differently the difference between a & # 39; Premier League in Manchester City, Barca in La Liga, PSG in Ligue 1 or Bayern in Bundesliga. In the European League of 2018/19, Ajax's 5 Asian Complexes, and # 39; draw 1-1 in the players against the Kiev Dinamo.

Ensure that Ajax gets the ticket if AEK Athens wins. The Dutch side will play hard to reach that goal, and # 39; Avoid going to die with Bayern in the last game. At Ajax level of 3/4 the ball, visitors will have a clever choice.

Juventus web cleaning

Real Madrid is the only Spanish team on Juventus fo Massimiliano Allegri in the European League. In addition to Real, other Liga (including Barca and Atletico) were killed at Juve in Turin ever after five games. The clean net page is Juve 2.12 (1 eat 2.12) that is worthy of consideration.

Benfica is winning Asian raffle

Although not good but because of its famous factor, Bayern is still a Benfica takes 1 1/2 ball. Bayern lost 10 out of 10 final finals and all 9 home-based games lost. It does not matter what its effect is; The AEK Athens – Ajax match, Benfica is still encouraged. The Portuguese team struggles hard to save hope, encourage visitors.

Rome – Real Madrid has 2 to 3 goals

Roma has risen between 2 and 3 at 6/8 recently. Even their six most recent decisions with Real Madrid in the European League have come to an end with aims in the # final. Given that the overall score of 3 games is the thing that is for its & # 39; This game 2 to 3 aims of 2.10 (bet of 2.10), which is very high compared to such a promise. sew.

Roma Full View – Real Madrid

The percentage of all the objectives are scored against Roma – almost Real Madrid is 150.5. Recently 7/8 matches have been made of Roma and 9 of the 13 most recent Real Madrid games in La Liga and the European League with an overall score of less than 150 minutes on screening. The last four games between the two sides of the Olympic Park. Only a few minutes were less than 150.

Hoffenheim – Shakhtar Donetsk

There are 4 goals or more than 6 out of 8 recent Hoffenheim games. This is a positive game for the future of Hoffenheim and Shakhtar Donetsk in the European Cup this season, although Hoffenheim is a leading team but Shakhtar Donetsk did not let the army easily. The ratio of 3 1/4 total objectives is sufficient to believe in the aims.

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