Now, finally, Apple Watch ECG has arrived in Norway


With watchOS 5.2 – Apple's smart clock updates now – many Apple Watch Series 4 owners also get access to ECG features.

To release Apple from the latest and most focussed health perspective, it was no longer an option for US users. .

But now Apple gets rid of knitting, and so making an ECG available in nineteen new countries – including Norway.

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Heart examined

ECG is short for electrocardiograms and it is an test that measures electrical signals from the heart. Until the watch takes such a measure, outside watchOS 5.2, an updated iPhone is needed.

On the iPhone you have to go through two steps to restore your date of birth before the application makes the way the ECG meter works. Then ask you to open the new ECG application to watch.

Once you have updated Apple Watch 4 to the latest update, you'll get the first time you open the iPhone Health application.

Photo: Apple

An ECG measurement, according to Apple, takes around thirty seconds and tells you if you have a normal heart adjustment or you're aware that flows are flowing out. This means you should contact your doctor.

You should then be able to create a PDF report through the Health application in the iPhone.

For more information about an ECG role on Apple Watch Series 4, see Apple's Help Pages.

Also support for new AirPods

In addition to the ECG actions that people have been waiting for long-term, this watchOS update is also supporting second generation AirPods. These were launched last week and are now held in stores.

In addition, there are also small developments and bug fixes.

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