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Scientists have developed a shoe to help protect softening of diabetes – a condition that often causes patients to lose their sticks, turn or lose. Sugar illness can affect non-patients or emotions; feel that blood is seen. These myths can not cure their own. Researchers from the Purdue University in the US have made the healing process more tolerable for those who develop diabetes due to diabetes. "One of the ways to cure medicines is to give them oxygen," said Purdue's professor Babak Ziaie.

"We have created a system that slowly releases oxygen during the day so that a patient can be more cleared," said Ziaie. Thermal bacteria usually come from a high blood sugar; damaging nerves, which removes feeling from their fingers or legs. Without the ability to experience pain, effects are likely to be in the effects and effects and skin bones tend to; breaking down, creating creature. A lot of sugar in the bloodstream, along with dry skin due to diabetes, is slower on the ulcer treatment process.

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