Now is the time to buy Vietnam regions


Ashmore Investment Group in London, UK, doubled the number of Vietnam stock in its & # 39; Last quarter's schedule, according to director Andrew Brudenell. The $ 76.4 billion manager (by the end of September) saw the banking departments and users much cheaper.

"We have not had a lot of communication with Vietnam on most of the last 12 months, in the last few months we've seen a falling market," said Brudenell in a telephone interview. but focus on specific areas. "Prices in the countries of South East Asia were" too high "analysts said.

VNIndex decreased by 23% from the high level on April 9, with concern about the US and China war. The MSCI Asia-Pacific branch fell by 13% over the same period, while the S & P 500 increased by more than 1%. Vietnam's stock market is trading at 13.5 hours than expected 12 months, down from 20 years in April.

US $ billion: Today is the time to buy Vietnam shares - Picture 1.

PE (price / profit) VNIndex falls down the 3 year average. Photograph: Bloomberg.

Ownerships in Vietnam still have a & # 39; appears "very expensive", and the region may fall into market risk, said Brudenell. Another reason is to be aware that inflation is faster, possibly due to changes in the dong against Chinese yuan.

However, Ashmore remains "active" in the broader Vietnamese regions. GDP grew significantly, local money was not overweight for growth and corporate employment "very good," said Brudenell.

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